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Enter the Dragon - Welsh AAR

Discussion in 'Other WarGames' started by Mussolini, Sep 10, 2007.

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    Sep 10, 2000
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    Enter the Dragon - A Welsh Medieval Total War II: Kingdoms AAR

    Settings: (WORK IN PROGRESS)

    Faction - Difficulty (to play as)

    England - Easy
    Scotland - Easy
    Norway - Hard
    Wales - Hard
    Ireland - Moderate

    It is the year of our Lord 1258, and the British Isles are in turmoil! Henry III, the English King, is the dominant monarch, owning more lands than the Kings of Scotland, Wales, and Ireland combined. Asserting their dominance over the British Isles has forced the English to spread their forces rather thin, and has created great animosity with the other British Kingdoms.

    The time maybe right for the Scots, Welsh, and Irish to make a push into English lands to assure their own long-term survival, though they have good reasons not to overextend themselves. Haakon IV, King of Norway has become aware that the Scots are keen to reclaim the Islands just off the mainland and is sending more of his men to the British Isles. Should any of the other British Kingdoms leave their shores undefended, perhaps the Nords may find an oppurtunity to secure themselves on British soil again.

    A five-way struggle for control of Britannia is about to begin! Can any one of these kingdoms manage to do what no other has, and truly conquer all of the British Isles in uncontested rule?


    As Wales I only star with three provinces. Two are Castles and one is a City. There are also three Forts in my control though only useful for the defense of my two Castles. Cardiff, a City, is my most immediate objective and only truly Welsh province not under my control. It will also cut down the avenue of attack to three points - both for the British to attack me and vice versa. Securing the British Forts on these avenues will greatly tip things in my favor. The three Castles/Cities in the area will be my next objectives, saying that the British do not wipe me out first.


    A new feature in Kingdoms is that when you capture an enemy Castle/City, you are then able to produce the same units that the enemy was producing in that Castle/City. While my Spearmen and Archers are superior to their similar Units, the British possess strong Heavy Infantry (while i lack Heavy Infantry) so it will be important for me to capture a center where these units are produced so that i can add them to my ranks.

    Navy - I dont plan on moving by Sea anytime soon and wont need to until attacking Islands and Ireland.
  2. Mussolini

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    Sep 10, 2000
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    Turn 1
    This will be the only time that i will post the units etc in each province i control, along with the names of all the provinces i control. I did not bother to mention the 1-ship fleet i control as it was destroyed at the beginning of Turn 2.

    Starting Provinces:
    Pembroke, Montgomery, Caernarvon

    Pembroke - Castle
    General Maredudd
    2 x Meirionnydd Spearmen
    1 x Saethwyr
    Fort - 1 x Meirionnydd, 1 x Saethwyr
    Construction: Dirt Roads

    Montgomery - City
    King Llywelyn
    4 x Meirionnydd
    2 x Saethwyr
    2 x Catapult
    1 x Gwent Raiders
    1 x Teulu
    Fort - Helwyr, Meirionnydd
    Construction: Blacksmith (Light Mail)
    Recruit: Meirionnydd
    British Spy Discovered and Executed

    Caernarvon - Castle - Capitol
    Prince Dafydd
    2 x Welsh Militia
    2 x Saethyr
    1 x Teulu
    Fort - Saethwyr, Meirionnydd
    Construction: Archery Range
    Recruit: 1 x Rhyfelwyr, 1 x Mailed Knight

    Map: Starting Location. Notice the River that forms the Welsh/English Border and which side the Forts are located near it. Also take note of the bridge and the two or three fords - only paths of attack for both sides. View is at Max Zoom Out Level.

  3. Mussolini

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    Sep 10, 2000
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    Turn 2 - 6

    Turn 2

    Pembroke - Castle Upgrade begins as Dirt Roads are completed. General Rhodri and his two units move to a position outside of Pembroke and are followed by the newly constructed Mailed Knight Unit and the Rhyfelwyr from Caernarvon.

    Turn 3

    The King adopts Chiglas of Brycheiniog as his first son. Chiglas moves towards Pembroke with 2 x Catapults and 1 x Gwent Raiders. Forces for the attack on Cardiff are beginning to assemble.

    Turn 4

    The King marries Mary of Degannwy! There is much rejoicing!

    Turn 5

    Chiglas marries Katren Owain! There is much rejoicing!
    King Llywelyn defeats Captain Auncell (British) outside of Montgomery.
    617 (40 KIA) vs 316 (168 KIA) Britain refuses to pay ransom for those captured and the prisoners are then executed!
    The Siege of Cardiff begins. Chiglas and Rhodri lead the siege with 2 x Meirionnydd, 2 x Catapults, 1 x Teulu, 1 x Rhyfelwyr, 1 x Saethwyr, 1 x Helwyr, 1 x Gwent Raiders
    Caernarvon begins construction of Leather Tanner.
    Montgomery begins Council Chambers.
    Pembroke begins Land Clearance.

    Turn 6
    Siege of Cardiff ends with an Assault by the surrounding forces even as British Reinforcements arrive.
    Chiglas has overall command vs. Captain Humphrey and Captain Anthony.
    532 (76 KIA) v 362 (181) and 181 (91)
    Cardiff is occupied by Welsh Forces. Prisoners are executed. Survivors are quickly routed back into British Lands. The Walls are repaired and construction on a road begins.
    A Welsh Spy is killed outside of Shrewsbury Fort.

    MAP: End of Turn 6. Slightly zoomed in, unit panel focused on Montgomery. Cardiff is now in Welsh hands. 3 British Armies are on the move.


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