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Evacuated To Death

Discussion in 'Mont d’Huisnes War Cemetery' started by Jim, Dec 1, 2010.

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    As the front line came closer, Edmund Baton, "Lyceen" at Lauterbach (Sarre) was evacuated with his Form in February 1945 to the town of Bad Reichenhall in a safer area. Unknown to his family, Edmund left with one of his school friends to return home.


    Near Stuttgart they had to hide for a whole week because of the fighting. Edmund finally managed to persuade some American soldiers to take them over the Rhine to Strasbourg where the youngsters hoped to catch a train for home. Arriving at the station they were arrested, probably by the French Police and transferred to the other side of France to an internment camp at Poitiers. Edmund Baton died there on 14th July 1945. He was only fourteen.

    Mont-d'Huisnes War Cemetery: vault 59, sepulchre 90

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