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Finding "The Buzzer"

Discussion in 'Air War in the Mediterrean' started by mcoffee, Dec 5, 2014.

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    Sep 25, 2009
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    "As the NUg visitors from Naples walked around the newly built modern village of Senerchia, located just below the original town which is abandoned, they found a recently built memorial park with both Italian and American flags flying and a cast bronze plaque honoring the sixteen U.S. WWII airmen who perished when their B-24 bomber slammed into a nearby mountain peak on a flight through stormy weather from Grottaglie to Naples on December 9, 1944.

    Why would an elaborate memorial park exist on a hillside in the remote village of Senerchia? Who would have paid for such an impressive little park and why? It was this tantalizing story that sent me on an amazing search to learn more about that B-24 Liberator fondly named "The Buzzer," and the 16 men who perished in it. The story I have pieced together includes WWII records of “The Buzzer” and its amazing role, surviving seventy-seven harrowing bombing missions all over Europe and accounts of the efforts of locals who aided American officials in the search of the crash site."


    A nicely done story about the loss a 449th aircraft. For anyone who read the "Seventy Years Ago..." thread, The Buzzer appears in post #18.
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