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First WW2 RAF Raid and Crash. Another great SOE Read.

Discussion in 'Air War in Western Europe 1939 - 1945' started by Fred Wilson, Apr 21, 2014.

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    Man oh Man oh Man I wish we had a Special Operations Forum Section here! You listening Otto?

    ==> One of The Very First WW2 RAF Raids (and Crash) September 3'd 1939. <===
    Another great, great SOE Read.

    See: http://lostaircraft.com/database.php?e=9064&mode=viewentry

    Then read the story in Google Book's full read (Not Preview) in Chapter 4
    The Fear in the Sky: Vivid Memories of Bomber Aircrew in World War Two By Pat Cunningham

    Then the French recollections at: http://olivier.housseaux.free.fr/AVIONS/K8969/recit.htm

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