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Gretna; A Munitions Town

Discussion in 'ETO, MTO and the Eastern Front' started by GRW, Oct 22, 2012.

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    Haven't got this yet, but it seems one to look out for. A previous book called Dangerous Energy; The Archaeology of Gunpowder and Military Explosives Manufacturing by Wayne Cockcroft et al touched on Gretna, so I'm hoping this book goes into a lot more detail-

    "Historic Scotland have documented the origins of Gretna for a new book, unearthing its forgotten history as a munitions town manufacturing artillery shells for the First World War.
    Gretna - A Munitions Town documents how the Borders community famous for its weddings was actually founded in 1915 spurred by a need to manufacture artillery shells to fuel the looming conflict, leading to over 20,000 homes being built over a two year period.
    Masterplanned by Raymond Unwin the town was built to a harmonious architectural style characterised by terraced and semi-detached brick houses – the most important of which have received grade B and C listings.
    These were built around an ambitious nine mile long complex of armaments factories along the Solway Firth to manufacture cordite for bullets and shells, of which almost nothing remains today."

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