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Helmet ID

Discussion in 'Uniforms, Personal Gear (Kit) and Accessories' started by Buten42, Jan 20, 2021.

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    Would someone know if this is a WWII helmet? I will attach an email that I received from a man in France who is attempting to ID the owner. It is an Armored helmet, and the 2nd Armored liberated Contoire Hamel in WWII. I'm not well versed on WWII equipment and hope he's not looking at a later era helmet. Thank you for your help,

    Mr Butenschoen

    I saw on a post on the internet that showed you were looking for rosters of the 2nd Armourde Division.

    My name is Jean-Loup Gassend, I am a forensic pathologist from France.

    I have been given a helmet recovered by a young girl on Sept 1st 1944 in Contoire Hamel, northern France (see attached photo).

    The helmet has a triangle carved out of the paint on the left side, suggesting an armored division. This is confirmed by the fact that the area was liberated by the 2nd Armored Division, apparently Combat Command A ( Libération XIXe CORPS US 1er septembre 1944 -Picardie 1939 - 1945 )

    The helmet also has a laundry number (partial serial number) painted on the inside, C-0757.

    My goal is of course to figure out who this helmet belonged to. The national archives indicate 70 soldiers potentialy matching for C-0757, but by using findagrave and other information from online sources, I have been able to cut the list down to about 35 possible matches.

    What I need is a roster of the men with names starting with C to compare to my 35 potential matches from NARA.

    Would it be possible for you to send me photos of the roster pages starting with C? Money isnt a problem if I need to pay for copies, etc.

    Any help will be very welcome

    Best regards Jean-Loup Gassend


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