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History in Central Europe: Studying Abroad Summer 2018 Intro

Discussion in 'The Members Lounge' started by Smiley 2.0, Aug 16, 2018.

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    Dec 2, 2014
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    The Land of the Noble Steed
    During the first half of this summer I had the opportunity to take a course on Political Science in Central Europe. This opportunity came up last year during the Fall Semester when I took an international politics course. The professor who taught this course has led this study abroad opportunity for the last 20+ years and upon hearing what we would be seeing in doing there I was instantly interested. To put it simply I was not disappointed. On top of seeing a number of important sites related to political science we saw a lot of history. They ranged from the remains of a village burned down by the Germans in the closing days of World War Two to the oldest synagogue in Europe. I will be making topics about most of these historical sites over a period of time when I find the time. I am about to start school soon and as always when it comes to school I will busy. I hope you enjoy these posts and I look forward to sharing them!

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    I'm looking forward to your posts, Dave.

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