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Home Guard Training

Discussion in 'The Home Front' started by Jim, Feb 5, 2012.

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    Home Guard Training had made vast strides during 1942/43, the third year of the Force's existence. The supply of arms and equipment, also, was now keeping pace with the demand. These photographs taken during training show how Home Guardsmen were preparing themselves for the serious responsibilities that lie ahead.


    1: Model for teaching street-fighting tactics at a Glasgow school.
    2: Crossing open ground under live fire.
    3: Sten machine-carbine as fired from the shoulder. This useful weapon had been issued to the Home Guard in increasing quantities.
    4: Scaling walls by means of toggle-ropes at a street-fighting school.
    5: Firing a grenade from a discharger cup attached to a Service rifle.
    6: The spigot mortar, part of the Home Guard's sub-artillery.

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