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information and picture of the other tiger of the Gruppe Fehrmann?

Discussion in 'The Tanks of World War 2' started by the bunker parodie, Jan 6, 2019.

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    Jan 6, 2019
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    Hello,I want to know if you have more info on the tiger from the Gruppe Fehrmann because I know that they were 6 but I just found picture of 4(3 if the 111 isn't in the Fehrmann) and one picture wich was described to be one of the F05 seem to me tobe just the F01 and where the real number of those tank(I already know the F01,F02,and F13[not sure about the 111]):

    Tiger Ausf. E "F01" of Gruppe Fehrmann - April 1945

    Tiger F02

    Ferhmann TIger F13 wheel


    If you other info or picture ,I'll use thel for my model.

    thanks for your answer

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