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Italian Weapons Used thru out WWII

Discussion in 'Italian Weapons Used thru out WWII' started by poojathakurhmr, Oct 14, 2011.

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    a. Pistols

    Standard weapons in the Italian infantry include a revolver and two self-loading pistols. Certain noncommissioned officers, such as members of machine-gun detachments, are armed with the revolver, while officers and warrant officers carry one of the two self-loading pistols.

    (1) Revolver.—Bodeo, model 89: caliber, 10.35 mm (.41 in); cylinder capacity, 6 rounds.

    (2) Automatic pistol.—Glisenti, model 1910: caliber, 9 mm (.35 in); feed, 7-round magazine in butt.

    (3) Automatic pistol.—Beretta, model 34: caliber, 9 mm; feed, removable 7-round magazine in butt.

    b. Rifles and Carbines

    Shortly before the present war, the Italians decided to increase the caliber of their rifles and light machine guns from 6.5 mm (.256 in) to 7.35 mm (.289 in), and a new rifle and carbine of this caliber actually were introduced. See (2) and (5) below. However, the change-over does not seem to have progressed very far, and may even have been postponed, since rifles of the 1938 pattern fitted with a 6.5-mm barrel have been found.

    (1) Rifle.—Mannlicker-Carcano, model 91, with bayonet: caliber, 6.5 mm; feed, vertical box magazine holding one 6-round clip.

    (2) Rifle.—model 38: caliber, 7.35 mm. This is similar to the model 91 rifle. The main differences are that the model 38 has a larger caliber, is shorter, weighs less, and has a light folding bayonet which normally is attached to the barrel, but which can be removed and used as a dagger.

    (3) Automatic rifle.—Revelli: caliber, 6.5 mm; maximum rate of fire, 120 rpm (rounds per minute); effective rate of fire, 40 rpm.

    (4) Carbine.—Moschetto, model 91: caliber, 6.5 mm. This is similar to the model 91 rifle, but has a shorter barrel, a bent-down bolt lever, and a folding bayonet.

    (5) Carbine.—Moschetto, model 38: caliber, 7.35. This compares with the model 91 carbine much as the model 38 rifle compares with the model 91 rifle.

    c. Light Machine Guns

    Three different models of the same light machine gun are in service.

    (1) Light machine gun.—Breda, model 30 and Breda, model C. These are basically the same weapon. Caliber, 6.5 mm; feed, permanent box magazine (charger-loaded), holding 20 rounds; weight (with magazine and bipod), 25 1/2 lbs; maximum rate of fire, 450-500 rpm; practical rate of fire, 150 rpm.

    (2) Light machine gun.—Breda, model 38. This differs from the others only in its caliber, which is 7.35 mm.

    d. Medium Machine Guns

    (1) Medium machine gun.—Fiat, model 35: caliber, 8 mm; feed, nondisintegrating metal belt which normally holds 50 rounds but which can be assembled in various lengths; maximum rate of fire, 600 rpm.

    (2) Medium machine gun.—Breda, model 37: caliber, 8 mm; feed, 20-round plate charger; maximum rate of fire, 450 rpm. This gun fires the same ammunition as the Fiat model 35.

    (3) Medium machine gun.—Breda, model 38: caliber, 8 mm; feed, 24-round vertical box magazine; maximum rate of fire, 600 rpm. The Italians use this gun both as an infantry machine gun and as a tank weapon. It is standard in the following tanks: the 6 1/2 ton Light (1940), the 11-ton Medium (1939), and the 13-ton Medium (1940).etc
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