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La Cambe: German War Cemetery

Discussion in 'La Cambe War Cemetery' started by Jim, Aug 29, 2010.

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    21,222 German graves

    The cemetery at La Cambe was set up by American troops who had a Field Hospital at La Cambe after taking the German Batteries and the Battle of Isigny. Since 1956 the work of the Volksbund has brought the number of graves to over 20,000 making La Cambe the largest war cemetery in the region.

    The cemetery is over seventeen and a half acres in extent and is bounded by a 'Bocage' type hedge-row with views over the marshes. Great trees, mainly Oak and Beech shade the lawns around a vast clearing. At the point where the two alleys cross is a tumulus six metres high, surmounted by a large cross of basalt between two statues. Groups of crosses and head-stones extend across the whole; paths on the turf are around these memorials. The rectangular building, the wall between the cemetery and the car-park and the alley of flag-stones leading to the Tumulus are the only elements in stone and they are in grey granite. The over-all effect is one of majesty; it is impressive and meditative.

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