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Lt Col Clifton A Pratt & 1067th Engineer Construction Group

Discussion in 'WWII General' started by Michael Pratt, Feb 14, 2021.

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    Feb 8, 2021
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    2nd son of LT Col Clifton A Pratt. I have been retired for 15 years from the post office. Carried mail for 20 years in Las Vegas, NV. Fully retired to Myrtle Beach, SC Became interested in WWII and the 1067th ECG when I started looking into my fathers history. He passed away early in 1970 at 58 years old. He never talked about his early life, especially time in service. But then never asked. I have learned quite about about his time in service by writing to national archives in St Louis and visiting national archives in College Park, MD. Also visited the WWII museum New Orleans, LA.
    Clif graduated from Rose Poly in Terra Haute, IN. Where he was in the ROTC program. Clif entered the CCC program as a 2nd Lt from 1932 to 1937 were he ended as a 1st Lt. He then went into civilian life till the army called him back to service in 1941. Clif entered training at Ft Belvoir, VA from March of 1941 through July 1941. Clif then headed for Camp Bowie TX as a Captain from July 1941 through April 1942. Next he moved on to Ft Leonard Wood, MO from April/May 1942. From there he went to Camp Claiborne, LA in April April 1942 as a Major. He held various positions here from 1942 till Sept 1944 when the 1067th Engineer Construction Group found Clif. The 1067th was organized in Dec 1943 and activated Sept of 1944. Clif was the commanding officer for one day. Col Roy McCutchen would relieve him on 11Sept1944 and Clif became the Exec. After training till the first of the year the 1067th shipped out from Boston port of embarkment on 06Feb1945. Clif had made Lt Col on New Years Eve. The 1067th saw duty in France from 20Feb1945-05Mar1945. Belgium 06Mar1945-19Mar1945 Germany 20Mar1945-27May1945 ( have a picture of Clif and Col McCutchen dated 18May1945 Bonn, Germany ). France 30May1945-03July1945 Antwerp, Belgium 07July1945-09July1945.
    From here the 1067th sailed, through the Panama Canal, assumed, and ended up in the Philippines 08Aug1945. From here the sailed to Kure Japan arriving there 22Oct1945. Have records here that the 1067th was involved in the reconstruction of the port. Clif shipped for home on 27Nov1945 having a high Advanced Scoring Rating (ASR ). Arrived back state side on 10Dec1945. Discharged 20Mar1946. The 1067th stayed in Kure with a new Exec officer and was finally disbanded in early 1946.
    So as you see I know quite a bit. But what I don't know is what the 1067th saw and did in those few countries they visited in Europe. That's what I'm after because from what else I found out about my father. He came back from the war, as I'm sure every person did. But a lot happened while my father was overseas. Europe Hitler committed suicide, VE day, Concentration camps were being found. They saw devastation no one could believe. Aboard ship while heading to Japan. Two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan VJ day and the end of WWII. Hiroshima was very close to Kure did Clif see the devastation.
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