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Mitchell Bombers and Lightnings Attack Ju 52s

Discussion in 'War In North Africa' started by Jim, Feb 4, 2012.

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    Axis Air Convoy Shattered In The Sicilian Straits.

    Loaded with badly needed fuel and supplies for the hard pressed Axis forces in Tunisia, 35 giant air transports (Ju 52s), flying at low-level in the vain hope of eluding attack, were pounced on by U.S. Mitchell bombers and Lightnings of the N.W, African Air Force over the Sicilian Straits on April 10th 1943. Twenty-five of these transports were shot down, ten only reaching their destination. This remarkable photograph, taken in the heat of the sea-level battle, shows eleven of the Ju 52s under their attackers withering onslaught. The splashes are caused by machine-gun bullets. On the same day another large enemy formation of Ju 52s with fighter escort was effectively dispersed by Mitchells and Lightnings


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