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Mom's three husbands served in WWII

Discussion in 'Honor, Service and Valor' started by Lynn Camp, Jul 15, 2018.

  1. Lynn Camp

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    Jul 15, 2018
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    I am running into a stumbling block on getting service information for Burton Hacker who was a Naval Academy Graduate, Squadron Leader and died in a training exercise in Norfolk, VA. The records offices just keep sending me notes over the last three years that his records have been "checked out". I keep getting sent around in circles. Any ideas for obtaining his service record? Thanks!
  2. R Leonard

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    Oct 15, 2003
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    The Old Dominion
    From the Register Alumni, 1981, 1992, 1993, 1998, & 2003 volumes (checked them all just to make sure), everyone with the surname Hacker who attended the United States Naval Academy since 1855:

    Hacker, Bruce Lawrence, class of 1985
    Hacker, Edward Eugene, class of 1981, non graduate
    Hacker, Rudoph Ernest, class of 1984
    Hacker, Steven Daniel, class of 1980

    That's all, just four, none in the years leading up to the war years and none during the war years.

    There were more than a few training programs during the war which operated on the grounds of the USNA, for both officers and enlisted personnel. Completion of any of those training courses did not make one a graduate of the Naval Academy.

    There were two Hackers listed in the annual registers of officers of the USN: Edwin Hacker, a Supply Corps officer and Mack C Hacker, a Chief Machinist.

    There one Hacker listed in the 1 July 1941 USNR Register, Wilber F Hacker, RMID; he later shows up as being designated naval aviator # 15117 as a AvCad AV(N) on 4 July 1942, but does not appear in subsequent USNR registers. There are five Hackers in the next issue, 1 Jan 1943, of the USNR Register: Jackson B Hacker, a MMID; John L Hacker, ENS EVP; Marshall M Hacker, LTJG AVRS; William H Hacker, ENS DVG; and William W Hacker, LTJG DVS. The last war years issue of the USNR Register of 31 Jul 1944 shows eight: Arthur E Hacker, ENS AVS; Jackson B Hacker, ENS EM; John J Hacker, ENS DVS, John L Hacker, LTJG EVS; Lovett J Hacker, ENS SCVS; Marshall M Hacker, LT AVRS; Sidney J Hacker, LTJG OVS, William H Hacker, LTJG DVG; and William W Hacker, LT DVS.

    I also have in my lists of USN aviators an R M Hacker (just initials, don't have his first or middle name) who shows up as an ENS A1 on some rosters in 1945; in the ComAirPac pilot pool in June, aboard USS Admiralty Islands for transport in July, and in VF-99 (a forward area training squadron) also in July.

    There is no listing of a Burton Hacker in the USN operational casualties list, exactly what I would expect if he was killed in a training accident in Norfolk.

    One should note, however, that 1 Jan 1943 to 31 Jul 1944 is long enough for someone to be commissioned in, say, February 1943 and something happens to them before, say, 1 June 1944, in which case the individual would not appear in either register. I run into a variation of that problem when someone shows up in the 1944 USNR Register as a LTJG with a date of rank in May or June 1944 and there is no for sure way of knowing when the individual was commissioned an ENS except through serendipitous coincidence finding him somewhere else in another source, like a squadron roster while he's still an ENS which happens to show date of rank. I also find aviators (my primary field of study) who are killed in action or in accidents in that 18 month period and also do not appear in the Registers.

    A quick search of the available muster rolls and war diaries found on the Fold3 site did not show a Burton Hacker, but while voluminous, the records there are by no means complete, that is, one is just as likely to come up empty handed as to find 20 references to a particular individual.

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