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Norway Ports Bombed

Discussion in 'Britain at Sea!' started by Jim, Jan 16, 2010.

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    Passing over Norway's tortuous coast a bomber of the R.A.F. Coastal Command sighted a 10,000-ton German merchantman unloading troops and stores at Bragdo Island. A few minutes later this photograph was taken which shows the result of direct hits by British bombs. Clouds of white smoke drifting across the islands and inlets meant the end of another German Ship. Arrows marked the position of German transports.


    In the fine harbour of Bergen, big ships could anchor right among the streets of the quaint town. The Germans had found it a good anchorage for their seaplanes as this R.A.F. aerial photograph showed. The large white object in the upper left-hand corner is stated to be a bomb falling from a British plane in front of the camera; it was a remarkable photograph in that it showed both the target and missile.


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