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Operation Clarion Feb. 22-23d 1945

Discussion in 'Air War in Western Europe 1939 - 1945' started by Fred Wilson, Dec 31, 2015.

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    Operation Clarion was part of an effort to destroy traffic centers and communication network targets in a number of smaller cities throughout Germany.
    The Allies initiated Operation Clarion on February 22, 1945, thus clearing the way for Operation Veritable (otherwise known as the Battle of the Reichswald) and Operation Blockbuster.
    This documentary is a report from the Eighth Air Force on that particularly effective operation.
    U.S.Army Air Forces Combat Subjects film #CS-3561 "Operational Report Clarion: Gen Todd Explains Mission 02/22/1945 - 02/23/1945"
    General Walter E. Todd was Assistant Chief of Staff for Operations of the Eighth Air Force. National National Archives Identifier: 4953

    Read more on the ineffectiveness of bombing railways and bridges and why this strategy was not followed up at:


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