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Policeman (poem)

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by poemtrakkker, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. poemtrakkker

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    Feb 2, 2010
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    by: Gerard Haughey

    I start my day
    To St. Michael I pray

    St. Michael protect me
    My battle is just
    God's Commandments, He Commands!
    Will I do what I must?

    These hard streets
    Where the weather beats
    makes my heart beat too
    I drift and sift
    At what the sinners brew.

    I keep my heart on the Lord
    And my hand on my sword
    The job will ask of me
    Things I cannot always afford.

    God is on my side, I believe this
    The same is true of my weapon
    Every judge in a chamber
    Locked and loaded!

    Still I fear the lessons
    Of the actions I decide
    I have chosen to understand
    That here are lives in my hand.

    Will I know whom I shall meet today
    When I hear the call
    And am on my way

    Not at first, but soon I will
    A man of God, perhaps lost and astray
    Or an evil man to take my Soul away
    How will I know for sure today
    The man I see before my way?

    Be certain that voices within will chatter
    Flooded with information
    Of the moral matter

    Escalation arrives
    The situation is dire
    What can I do for you my Lord
    As my hope does tire

    I have seconds to think
    And seconds to decide
    Do I use my voice, my muscle
    or the arm on my side

    In an instant I will choose
    My heart in the balance
    My mind taking over
    My Soul for this man?

    Actions unfold
    Decisions take course
    We tussle the man
    Ten policemen with force

    The danger is gone
    hearts pump strong
    The flood of emotions
    Of Right vs. Wrong

    Soon we all part
    His justice will start
    As laws take over
    In much calmer courts

    Lord I know too
    In one second I'm mistaken
    That my very own life can too be taken

    Do I know of these threads that drape my bones
    Yes, I do!
    A Badge of Honor
    Family At Home
    They are the threads between
    The Love For Man
    And the Men In Blue.

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    Feb 2, 2010
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