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Post WW2 Political Relationships and My Memoirs

Discussion in 'Quill and Ink' started by RonPrice, Nov 5, 2008.

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    The American poet William Carlos William’s used the term locality or ground and expressed his agreement with Edgar Allen Poe that this locality or ground was to be acquired by the "whole insistence in writing upon method in opposition to a nameless rapture over nature. . . with a gross rural sap, he wanted a lean style, rapid as a hunter and with an aim as sure — Find the ground, on your feet or on your belly. . . . He counsels writers to borrow nothing from the scene but to put all the weight of the effort into the WRITING." For me, for my written expression, this locality or ground in either my verse or my prose was not easily attained. The evolution of my own oeuvre since the 1960s and its present style here in my memoirs Pioneering Over Four Epochs reveals, to me if not readers, my long struggle to capture the complex interrelationships between self, society and the sacred.O0

    The time has been ripe in these epochs of a post-WW2 world to articulate questions about the complex interdependence of internationalism, nationalism and locality and the critical need for a basis for communitas communitatum and to infuse literature and social analysis with a new vocabulary, if that vocabulary is to be relevant. After several thousand years in which the world has been the private preserve of a small leisured class, something that can truly be called humanity is being born and a world society fit for human beings to live in. Like many writers and thinkers, artists and entrepreneurs, in these epochs of my life, I have found that there is a world and a need towards which I can direct my loyalty and whatever skills, by some unmerited grace, with which I have been endowed.

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