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Queen Wilhelmina's escape from The Netherlands May 1940

Discussion in 'History of Holland and Belgium during World War I' started by MichaelBully, Apr 26, 2018.

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    Nov 4, 2016
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    Just seen from an article on Dutch language website Historiek.net - Geschiedenis & historische achtergronden that there is a new book about Queen Wilhelmina just out.: 'Wilhelimina Werkelijkheid En Fictie' by Gerard Aaldars .

    De 'vlucht' van koningin Wilhelmina: toevallig of gepland?

    The article mentions a claim that Queen Wilhelmina didn't really want to go in to exile in London,even though boarded the British ship HMS Hereward on 13th May 1940. Apparently Wilhelmina thought that she was going to the province of Zeeland, which hadn't been taken by the Germans.

    I always understood that Queen Wilhelmina desperately wanted to ensure that Princess Juliana , Prince Bernhard, and the two young princesses remained free from the Germans, so these members of her family left the Netherlands ahead of her. But had not really considered that Wilhelmina was intending to stay behind with various Dutch politicians.

    Has anyone else heard of this claim ?

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