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Some great Spanish Civil War Links

Discussion in 'Prelude to War & Poland 1939' started by JeffinMNUSA, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Spaniard

    Spaniard New Member

    Feb 15, 2010
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    Yes Rojo Bad Type-O, posted quickly. I moved to Canada when I was 4. I just know the Basics of Spain's Civil War and I'm learning more especially from this Thread. Santander did fall in 37 as did Bilbao, in 37 also San Sebastian was destroyed by German planes I believe. I come from Castro-Urdiales and my Father told me in December of 37 they were still fighting in the mountains and outskirts of Castro-Urdiales? My Grandfather was captured in late 1938 I'm told. My Father is 80 and his memory is not all there. I will contact my Uncle in San Sebastian he knows about my family history and get more info concerning my Grandfather.

    ??????? I don't understand this.

    I will have to read and research more on Spain's Civil War to get a better understanding of the facts.

    from Montreal Canada 6hrs difference
  2. efestos

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    Jan 7, 2010
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    Probably a bad use of "felows". Better whith companions? I assumed if your grandfather doesn´t wanted anything with comunist probably was whit the conservative baske nationalist. After your post I guess I was wrong: Castro Urdiales is just out of the limit of the Baske - Land.

    About San Sebastian, it's still a very beutiful city. I think the germans didn't bomb her.
  3. greglewis

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    Oct 5, 2008
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    I hope people don't mind me posting info about my book A Bullet Saved My Life which was reviewed as being a good introduction to the Spanish Civil War.

    It doesn't compare with Beevor or the large histories of the war but it tells the story through the experiences of motorcycle despatch rider Bob Peters.

    I see members here have a very good knowledge of the war but it may still interest you, particularly if you are fascinated like me with documents relating to the war.

    We were able to reproduce Bob's membership, pay and safe passage documents relating to not only the International Brigades but the Socorro Rojo Internacional and the anarchist CNT union.
  4. Cash10

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    Mar 3, 2011
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    In my opinion......there was no good side to be on in that conflict. Soviet against Italian and German....Communist against fascists? And the populous of Spain forced to take a side.....and fight for their lives and families.....and later if Republicans.....punished for being on the wrong side. Some of these Spaniards were still prisoners of the Reisch for forced labor and rescued at the end of WWII in concentration camps.

    My Uncle went there with the International Brigade, Lincoln Bn in 1936. He was a Machine gun Section Leader with the Mac-Paps BN and was either killed by German bombers or in final action. His machine guns were set up on a cliff and held off the Italians while the Republican's retreated in March of 1938. They were finally surrounded and ran out of Ammo and were executed. Being a machine gunner made you unlikely to be taken prisoner. One of his men was seen and reported executed.

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