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SS Express found off Scapa

Discussion in 'Military History' started by GRW, Aug 28, 2023.

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    Number of wrecks identified this year, I'm starting to think someone's working off a bloody long list.
    "A team of divers has finally identified the wreck of a ship which sank off Orkney in 1918 with the loss of 13 lives.
    The SS Express sank north of Scapa Flow following a collision with another ship.
    The cargo vessel had provided a lifeline service working between Orkney and mainland Scotland.
    Expedition leader Will Schwarz said the dive team were "absolutely bouncing" that their efforts had paid off.
    Most of those lost on the SS Express when the stern was cut off were local men.
    Mr Schwarz told BBC Radio Orkney a lot of time, planning and effort went into the dive mission, 10 miles (16km) south east of Copinsay.
    Divers aboard the Clasina located the wreck on the second day of their expedition."

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