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The 8cm Schwere Granatwerfer 34

Discussion in 'German Heavy Weapons' started by Jim, Oct 14, 2010.

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    The 8cm (3.1 in) Schwere Granatwerfer 34, the medium mortar deployed by the German Amy, entered service in 1934 and was still in use in 1945. It was carried into action as a three-man load, base plate, barrel and bipod.


    A wide range of ammunition was developed including the Wurfgranate 39 'bouncing bomb'; other rounds included conventional HE, smoke, target illumination and target marking. The exact calibre of the mortar was 81.4mm (3.2in), it weighed 56.7kg (125Ib) in action, had a barrel 114.3cm (45in) long, elevated from 40º to 90º and traversed from 9º to 15º. The minimum range for the 3.5kg (7.72Ib) bomb on Charge 1 was 60m (65.6 yards) and the maximum on Charge 5 was 2400m (2625 yards). An experienced crew could fire 12 rounds a minute, which at maximum range had a 50 per cent chance of landing in a target area 65 x 14m (71 x 15 yards).

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