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The Light Tank M3

Discussion in 'Allied Motorised Weapons' started by Jim, Apr 1, 2011.

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    The Light Tank M3 was used wherever the U.S. Army was involved. It proved to be a thoroughly reliable vehicle, greatly liked by its crews. To the British, the Stuart was large for a light tank, but crews soon learnt to appreciate its reliability.


    Country of Origin: USA [​IMG]
    Crew: 4
    Produced: 1941-43 Manufacturer: American Car and Foundry
    In Service: 1941-90s
    Number Built: 3427
    Gross Weight: 14.7 tonnes (16 tons)

    Hull Length: 4.53m (14.9 ft)
    Length (gun forward): 4.53m (14.9 ft)
    Width: 2.23m (7.33 ft)
    Overall Height: 2.52m (8.25 ft)

    Range, Road: 120 km (75 miles)
    Range, Cross-country: 60 km (40 miles)
    Maximum Speed: 58 km/h (35 mph)
    Fording Capacity: 0.91 m (3 ft)
    Maximum Gradient: 30 degrees
    Maximum Trench Width: 1.83m (6 ft)
    Maximum Vertical Obstacle: 0.6m (2 ft)
    Suspension Type: Paired wheels in coillsprung bogies

    Powerplant: 1 x Continental W-670-9A radial petrol engine
    Output: 250 bhp (186 kW)
    Power/Weight Ratio: 17.35 bhp/tonne
    Fuel Capacity: 212 Ltrs (46.7 gallons)

    Armour and Armament:
    Armour Type: Homogeneous rolled/welded nickel-steel
    Minimum Thickness: 10mm (0.4 in)
    Maximum Thickness: 65mm (2.6 in)
    Main Armament: 1 x 7mm (0.26-in) M5 L/50 or 37-mm (1.45-in) M6 L/55.103 rounds.

    Secondary Armament: 2 x 7.7-mm (0.3-in) M 1919A4 air-cooled Browning MGs. Up to 8000 rounds.
    Gun Control Equipment:
    Turret Traverse: Manual
    Elevation Range: -10 to +20 degrees
    Stabilisation: Elevation and azimuth


    The Light Tank M3A3, or Stuart V as it was known to the British, featured a larger driver compartment, sloped frontal and side armour with a thickness increased from 43 to 51 mm (1.7-2 in) in critical areas, a fully welded hull, and an extension at the rear of the multi-sided turret to house radio equipment. The sponson mounted 7.7-mm (0.3-in) machine guns were also removed. A total of 3427 of the M3A3 were built during the war, incorporating improvements made to previous variants of the series. The M3A3 weighed slightly more than 14.5 tonnes (16 tons), and its range was nearly 120 km (75 miles).


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