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The Lost Flotilla Oct. '44

Discussion in 'Convoys and Troopships' started by GRW, Nov 11, 2012.

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    I found this tragic account of the fate of the 9th LCT Flotilla on the Combined Operations website.
    "In mid October 1944 the terrible fate of the 9th LCT (Landing Craft Tank) Flotilla was sealed as its craft sailed beyond Lands End in the tow of merchant ships. It was part of Convoy OS92/KMS66 bound for the Mediterranean en route to the Far East. There had been warnings of bad weather but rules and procedures were in place to protect the safety of the craft in these circumstances. However, despite the safeguards over 50 men were lost as 6 craft foundered. How did the tragedy happen and was it avoidable?
    The page is especially dedicated to the memory of Telegraphist John Shipston who served in LCT 494 and to all the men of the 9th LCT Flotilla who perished with him. There is a casualty list on this page."

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