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U-Boat Type XXIII U-2336

Discussion in 'German U-Boats' started by Jim, Jun 19, 2008.

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    This plate shows U-2336 under the command of Kapitanleutnant Emil Klusmeier, having returned from her last mission of the war on 14 May 1945. Her final victim was the freighter Avondale Park, the last boat to be sunk by submarine action in the Second World War. These snorkel equipped boats were intended to spend most of their time submerged and because of this, and also to reduce underwater drag. no external deck casing was fitted. Even when travelling on the surface, the outer hull would be awash most of the time in anything other than a flat calm sea. With only two torpedoes carried, no reloads, and no defensive anti-aircraft armament, once the boat had expended its torpedoes it would have no offensive or defensive capabilities and would make for its home base. The duration of the typical war cruise for a Type XXIII would have been relatively brief. In the event: very few of these excellent boots saw action.


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