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Using Partisan units to attack Axis supply

Discussion in 'Unity of Command' started by JeffinMNUSA, Dec 28, 2013.

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    Jun 7, 2008
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    The Partisan attacks can be somewhat to very useful in the UoC games depending on the scenario. A. You can use them to cut supply on the rail net by surrounding the targeted rail hex on four available sides (river hexes negate effect) over a period of 2 turns-which will draw units from the front or actually shut down that part of the Axis supply net depending on whether A1 can afford a unit to go Partisan hunting. Or B. You can use your Partisan units to complete encirclements (see example; the encircled Axis units broke out the next turn-but they were weakened inviting a couple of successful attacks). You can cut supply against water or wood hexes and other hexes that make tough going for horse drawn carts or trucks. If anybody out there discovers any other uses for these I would sure like to hear. Partisan held hexes are lost when any Axis unit of any strength occupies that hex, and Partisan opportunities to occupy are lost when any hex falls within any Axis unit's zone of control.

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