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Who declared war on whom?

Discussion in 'World War One Forum' started by brianw, Mar 27, 2014.

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    Date Declared by Against whom
    July 28 Austria-Hungary Serbia
    August 1 Germany Russia
    August 3 Germany France
    August 4 United Kingdom Germany
    August 5 Montenegro Austria-Hungary
    August 6 Austria-Hungary Russia
    August 6 Serbia Germany
    August 9 Montenegro Germany
    August 11 France Austria-Hungary
    August 12 United Kingdom Austria-Hungary
    August 22 Austria-Hungary Belgium
    August 23 Japan Germany
    August 25 Japan Austria-Hungary
    November 1 Russia Ottoman Empire
    November 3 Montenegro Ottoman Empire
    November 5 United Kingdom Ottoman Empire
    November 5 France Ottoman Empire
    November 11 Sultan Mehmed V Declares 'Jihad' on all The Allied forces

    May 23 Italy Austria-Hungary
    October 14 Bulgaria Serbia
    October 15 United Kingdom Bulgaria
    October 16 France Bulgaria
    October 19 Italy and Russia Bulgaria

    March 9 Germany Portugal
    April 23 Irish Rebels United Kingdom (The Easter Rising)
    August 27 Italy Germany

    April 6 United States Germany
    June 30 Greece The Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire)
    December 7 United States Austria-Hungary

    November 11 Hostilities cease

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