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WW1 Recordings of British PoW Voices Found

Discussion in 'Military History' started by GRW, Mar 9, 2020.

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    Apologies or the old article, but I was watching a programme last night on the Western front railways of WW1, and they mentioned that Austrian philologist Alois Brandl and sound recordist Wilhelm Doegen. had made recordings of British PoWs in Germany around 1918, and amazingly, this archive still exists-
    "The voices of British soldiers held prisoner in Germany during the First World War have been uncovered in recordings that offer extraordinary insight into a world before radio and mass produced motor cars.
    Discovered by academic John Adams in Berlin, they reveal a society where accents changed distinctly from village to village and some dialect words are virtually unrecognisable.
    Among the men recorded was John Hickman, a musician from Bletchingdon, north of Oxford, who experts say has an Oxfordshire accent completely different from that of today.
    The 200 recordings have been preserved on shellac discs and are expected to form part of an audio
    cenotaph for next year's First World War centenary events.
    The recordings were originally made on wax by Austrian philologist Alois Brandl and sound recordist Wilhelm Doegen.
    Many of the prisoners were asked to read from the Bible or tell jokes and limericks."

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