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WW2 German Death Card for 3 Brothers

Discussion in 'Death Cards' started by Heartfeltzero, Oct 15, 2022.

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    Josef Baumgartner was an Obergrenadier. He was killed in action on September 2nd 1943 during heavy fighting in the east.

    Franz Baumgartner was born on May 3rd 1923 in Blachendorf, Germany. He was the rank of Gefreiter and served in a Grenadier Regiment. On the morning of October 16th 1943, Franz was killed in action in Mikhaylovka, Russia.

    Rupert Baumgartner was an Obergefreiter in an Artillery Regiment. He was killed in action on September 22nd 1944 due to a Munitions wagon explosion.

    Josef and his brother Franz were killed a little over a month apart.

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