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WWII Bombers both German and British

Discussion in 'Axis Bomber Planes' started by Jim, Oct 4, 2006.

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    The Nazi Junkers JU 88 and the British Bristol Beaufort machines here illustrated show the modern trend when building fast multi-purpose bomber-reconnaissance aircraft. The J U 88 (top) achieved an international record of 321 m.p.h. early in 1939. It carried a crew of 3 and a bomb load of 2,500 lb. The Junkers 211 inverted V-12 cylinder engine was installed in a streamlined nacelle (centre inset).
    It employed 12 pumps, injecting petrol directly into the cylinders instead of carburettors.
    The Bristol Beaufort probably the world's fastest bomber at that time also had a speed of well over 300 m.p.h, carried a crew of 4 and a heavy load of bombs or a torpedo. It had two 2-row 14-cylinder sleeve-valve Bristol "Taurus" engines (inset right).

    Key to Junker JU 88

    A: Forward gun position.
    B: Pilot.
    C: Bomb aimer.
    D: Bomb aimer' window.
    E: Rear downward firing gun.
    F: Rear gunner.
    G: Bomb doors.
    H: Bomb stowage.
    J: Automatic variable pitch airscrew.
    K: Two 12-cylinder inverted V-engines of 975 h.p. each
    M: Auxiliary tail Plane fins.

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