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ABBREVIATIONS and ACRONYMS of WW2 and service records

Discussion in 'WWII General' started by Spartanroller, Nov 7, 2010.

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    So much of the information about WW2 is peppered with abbreviations and acronyms, and although there are many sites listing these, it doesn't seem like any have anything approaching a complete list. This thread will aim to resolve that, with a post for each letter of the alphabet which can be added to and updated as members contribute their findings.

    Feel free to post any links to abbreviations etc. documents and sites, but please give them a title that clearly states what they are dealing with if it is specific. If you really want to help just post those that are missing, and in this format:

    Abbreviation/Acronym - Meanings - Principal user

    And so on.

    Please try and post items in their proper/most used format - all capitals/capital and lower case/with parentheses/with or without punctuation etc.

    Don't be shy about posting corrections/mistakes spotted :)

    While this list is primarily aimed at WW2, abbreviations only used since can often be helpful, especially when researching, so they are not to be specifically excluded.

    If you are trying to find the meaning of something that isn't in the list, please also post here and we'll see what we can find.

    Hopefully we eventually end up with a list which can help all those trying to decipher the past :)

    MOD NOTE: I would suggest that the abbreviation or acronym be printed in Bold Type to make it easier to see.
    (Nigel I hope you don't mind me jumping in there. Lou)

    Of course not Lou, jump in any time you like - good idea :)
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    a/ - Acting Rank
    AA – Anti-Aircraft; Approving authority; Air Attache; Assembly Area; aircraft availability
    AAA – Anti-Aircraft Artillery
    AAC - Army Air Corps (UK); Anti Aircraft Co-operation
    AACC - Army Air Corps Center
    AACF - Anti-aircraft Co-operation Flight
    AACTDC - Army Air Corpse Tactical Development Center
    AACU - Anti Aircraft Co-operation Unit
    AAEE - Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment
    A&AEE – Aeroplane and Armament Experimental/Evaluation Establishment
    A&E - ammunition and explosives
    AAF - Army Airfield; or Auxiliary Air Force; or Anti-Aircraft Flight; or Allied Air Force
    AAFCE - Allied Air Forces Central Europe
    AAFES —Army and Air Force Exchange Service - US
    AAFNE - Allied Air Forces Northern Europe
    AAFSE - Allied Air Forces Southern Europe
    AAGS - Air Armament & Gas School
    AAGR - air-to-air gunnery range
    AAITS - Airmen Aircrew Initial Training School
    AAM - Army Achievement Medal; Air-to-Air Missile;
    AAMG - antiaircraft machine gun
    AAP – Anti-Armour Platoon; Aircraft Acceptance Park; or Army Aircraft Park
    AAPC - Anti-Aircraft Practice Camp
    AAR - Air-to Air Refueling;After-Action Review;After-Action Report; Air-to-Air Receive;Aircraft Accident Report
    AAS - Air Armament School
    AASF - Advanced Air Striking Force (1939/40)
    AATE - Air Armament trials Establishment
    AATFC —Air Assault Task Force Commander
    AATTF - Anti-Aircraft and Target Towing Flight
    AATT&DC - Army Air Transport Training & Development Center
    AAU - Air Ambulance Unit; or Aircraft Acceptance Unit; or Aircraft Assembly Unit
    AAW - Anti-Air Warfare
    AB - Able Seaman; Airborne
    A/B - Airborne
    AB - Autoblinda - Armoured Car - Ita.
    ABC - Airborne Cigar (transmitter aboard aircraft which jammed German fighter control frequencies)
    ABC Defence - Atomic Biological Chemical Defence
    ABGS(ME) Air Bombing & Gunnery School (Middle East)
    ABN —Airborne
    ABTF - Air Bombing Training Flight
    A/C - Aircraft; Armoured Car; Absolute Ceiling;
    A/Cdre - Air Commodore
    AC - Aircraftman; Armoured Car
    AC1 - Aircraftman First Class
    AC2 - Aircraftman Second Class
    ACAC - Aircrew Allocation Center
    ACATC - Air Cadets Adventure Training Center
    ACAV - Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicle
    ACDC - Aircrew Dispatch Center
    ACDW - Air Crew Disposal Wing
    ACC - Army Co-operation Command; Allied Control Commission; Air Control Center; Armored Car Company
    ACCF - Army Co-operation Command Communication Flight
    ACCGS - Air Cadet Central Gliding School
    ACCU – Airborne Car Contact Unit
    ACGFSOC - Air Cadet Gliding Flight Safety Officer's Course
    ACDU - Army Co-operation Development Unit
    ACDU (ME) - Air Combat Development Unit (Middle East)
    ACF - Air Command Far East
    ACFAWF - Air Command Fare East All Weather Flight
    ACFSS - Air Cadets Flying Scholarship Scheme
    ACGS(OR) - Assistant Chief of the General Staff (Operational Requirements)
    ACH Air Craft Hand
    ACH - Advanced Chain Home
    ACHU - Aircrew Holding Unit
    ACIs - Air Council Instructions
    ACO - Advanced Chain Overseas (radar)
    ACO - Air Cadet Organization
    ACM - Air Chief Marshal
    ACP - Air Cadet Publication (derived from APs); or Aerodrome Control Pilot
    ACPNTS - Air Cadets Pilot Navigation Training Scheme
    ACR - Airfield Control Radar
    ACRC - Air Crew Reception Centre
    ACRC (ME) - Air Crew Reception Centre Middle East
    A.C.R.C - Aircrew Receiving Centre
    ACRS - Air Crew Refresher School
    ACS - Airfield Construction Squadron
    ACSB - Air Crew Selection Board
    ACSEA - Air Command South East Asia
    ACSEA/ASS - Air Command South East Asia Air Service Squadron
    ACTC - Air Cadet Training Centre
    ACU - Air Conditioning Unit;Army Combat Uniform; Assault Craft Unit; Annunciator Control Unit; Automatic Calling Unit; Administrative Control Unit
    ACV - Armoured Cavalry Vehicle
    ACOL - Area Coordinator of Official Languages
    AD - Aircraft Depot; or Air Defence; or After duty
    ADATS - Air Defense Anti-Tank System
    ADC - Air Defence Centre/Aide de Camp
    ADCC - Air Defence Cadet Corps (established 1938, see ATC)
    ADCS - Air Defence Cooperation Squadron
    ADEM - Air Defences Eastern Mediterranean
    ADF(U) - Aircraft Delivery Flight (Unit)
    ADGB - Air Defence of Great Britain
    ADGE - Air Defence Ground Environment
    Adj - Adjutant
    ADLS - Air Despatch Letter Service
    Adm – Administration
    ADM – Admiral, four star naval flag officer – O-10
    ADM - Assistant Deputy Minister; or Air Defence Missile
    ADM(Fin CS) - Assistant Deputy Minister (Finance and Corporate Services)
    ADM(HR-Civ) - Assistant Deputy Minister (Human Resources – Civilian)
    ADM(HR-Mil) - Assistant Deputy Minister (Human Resources -Military)
    ADM(IE) - Assistant Deputy Minister (Infrastructure and Environment)
    ADM(IM) - Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management)
    ADM(Mat) - Assistant Deputy Minister (Materiel)
    ADM(PA) - Assistant Deputy Minister (Public Affairs)
    ADMS – Assistant Director of Medical Services
    ADRU - Air Dispatch & Reception Unit
    ADS - Advanced Dressing Station
    ADU - Aircraft Delivery Unit
    AE - Air Efficiency award
    AEAES - Air Electronics & Air Engineers School
    AEAF - Allied Expeditionary Air Forces
    AEC - Assessment& Evaluation Centre
    AED - Aircraft Equipment Depot
    AEF - Air Experience Flight
    AEME – Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    AES - Air Electronics School; or Armament Experimental Station
    AEV - Armoured Engineer Vehicle
    AEW - Airborne Early Warning
    AFC - Armed Forces Council; or Australian Flying Corps; or Air Force Cross (medal)
    AFDE - Air Fighting Development Establishment
    AFDS - Air Fighting Development Squadron, part of CFE
    AFDU (S)- Air Fighting Development Unit/Squadron
    AFE - Airborne Forces Establishment
    AFEE - Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment
    AFG - Air Forces Gulf
    AFHQ - Airfield Headquarters
    AFM - Air Force Medal
    AFRU - Advance Flying & Refresher Unit
    AFS - Advanced Flying School
    AFS - Auxiliary Fighter Squadron
    AFS(I) - Advanced Flying School (India)
    AFS(ME) - Advanced Flying School (Middle East)
    AFTCC - Air Force Troop Carrier Command
    AFTDU - Airborne Forces Tactical Development Unit
    AFTS - Advanced Flying Training School
    AFTU - Advanced Flying Training Unit; Air Firing Training Unit
    AFU - Advanced Flying Unit
    AFV - Armoured Fighting Vehicle
    AFWE - Air Forces Western Europe
    A-G air to ground
    AG - Air Gunner
    AGBS - Air Gunnery & Bombing School
    AGC - Adjutant Generals Corps
    AGL - Air Gun Laying;Above Ground Level
    AGME - Aircraft Gun Mounting Establishment
    AGRMIS —Active Guard Reserve Management Information System
    AGRS - Advanced Ground Radio School
    AGRS - Air & Ground Radio School
    A&GS -Armament & Gunnery School
    AGS - Air Gunners School; or Aircrew Grading School
    AGS(ME/I) - Air Gunners School (Middle East/India)
    AGT - Air Work & General Trading (part of the CRO)
    AGT - Advanced Gliding Training (Air Cadets)
    AGTS - Air Graduate Training School
    AGU - Air work Grading Unit
    AHQ - Air Headquarters
    AHQ(I) - Air Headquarters (India)
    A&IEU - Armament & Instrument Experimental Unit
    AI - Airborne Interception - night fighter radar equipment
    AICF - AI Conversion Flight
    AIEU - Armament and Instrument Experimental Unit
    AIF – Australian Imperial Forces
    AIFV - Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle
    AIRCOM – Air Command (Airforce)
    AIS - Air Interception School
    AIT - Agreement on Internal Trade;Advanced Infantry Training; Advanced Individual Training;
    AITF - AI Training Flight
    AJAGs - Assistant Judge Advocates General
    AK– Naval supply ship designation
    AKA - Naval Amphibious Landing supply ship designation; Also Known As;
    ALG - Advance Landing Ground
    ALICE —All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment
    ALS - Air Landing School (India)
    ALO - Air Liaison Officer
    AM - Air Marshal; or Air Ministry
    AMDP - Air Member for Development & Production
    AMES - Air Ministry Experimental Station
    AMESS - Air Ministry Experimental Station (ground Radar Station)
    AMF – Australian Military Forces
    AMMF - Air Ministry Meteorological Flight
    AMO - Air Ministry Order; or Air Movement Order
    AMOR - Annual Military Occupation Review
    AMSC - Advanced Military Studies Course
    AMSDU - Air Ministry Servicing Development Unit
    AMV – Advanced Modular Vehicle
    AMWD - Air Ministry Works Department
    ANBS - Air Navigation & Bombing School
    ANCOC —Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course. (Pronounced ay-knock)
    ANGLICO - Air and Naval Gunfire Liason Company
    ANS - Air Navigation School
    ANZAC - Australian and New Zealand Army Corps
    AO —Accounts Office; Acquisition Objective; Action Officer; Aircraft Operator; Oiler (underway replenishment); Administration Officer; Air Officer; Area of Operations; Aviation Ordnance
    AOC - Air Officer Commanding; Army Operations Course; Air Operations Center; Army Operations Center; Air/Oil Cooler; Approach On Course;Aviation Ordnance Chief; Area of Concentration
    AOCU - Andover Operational Conversion Unit
    AOD —Administrative Officer of the Day
    AOG - Aircraft On Ground
    AONS - Air Observers Navigation School
    AOO (AO) —Area of Operations; Aviation Ordnance Officer
    AOP - Air Observation Post
    AOR - Area of Responsibility; or Auxiliary Oiler (Navy); Allowance Overrides; Annual Operating Requirement
    AORG - Army Operational Research Group
    AOS - Air Observers School
    AOTS - Aircrew Officers Training School
    AP - Aircraft Park; or Air Publication; Naval transport for personnel;Armour piercing;
    APA - Auxiliary, Personnel, Assault (Ship designation)
    APC - Armoured Personnel Carrier; Armour piercing (Capped) projectile; Acquisition Professional Community; Accelerated Provision Concepts; Account Processing Code; Activity Process Codes; Agency Program Coordinator; Air Project Coordinator; Aerial Port Commander; Air Program Coordinator; Approach Power Compensator; Approach Power Control; Approach Control; Assistant Project Coordinator.
    APC (S) - Armament Practice Camp (Station)
    APCS - Aden Protectorate Communication Squadron
    APCS & SS- Aden Protectorate Control & Support Squadron
    APDU - Air Photography Development Unit
    AP&DU - Aircraft Preparation& Development Unit
    APF - Air Pilotage Flight
    APFSDS —armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot projectile/round
    APFT —Army Physical Fitness Test
    APS - Air Pilotage School; or Armament Practice Station
    APSF - Aden Protectorate Support Flight
    APU - Aircraft Preparation Unit
    AR – Automatic Rifle; Australian Regiment; Administrative Review;Army Reserve
    AR analyst - Administrative Review Analyst
    ARC - Aircrew Recruiting Centre; or Aircrew Reception Centre
    ARCAM —Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal
    ARCOM —Army Commendation Medal
    ARD - Aircraft Repair Depot; or Alberta Regimental Depot
    ARF - Aircraft Repair Flight; or Air Radar Fitter
    ARFORGEN —Army Force Generation
    ARFF - Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting
    ARMD - Armoured, Armour Corps
    ARP - Aircraft Repair Park
    ARRC - Associate Royal Red Cross
    ARS - Aircraft Repair Section
    ARSOF —Army Special Operations Forces
    ARU - Aircraft Repair Unit
    ARV - Armoured Recovery Vehicle
    Arty - Artillery
    A/S - Anti Submarine
    AS - Air School
    AS&RU - Aircraft Salvage & Repair Unit
    ASAP - As Soon As Possible;Army Streamlined Acquisition Process; Army Substance Abuse Program
    ASC - Aircrew Selection Centre; Air Support Command; Area Support Group; Army Service Corps
    ASCC —Army Service Component Command
    ASD - Aeroplane Supply Depot
    ASF - Air Survey Flight
    ASF - Aircraft Servicing Flight
    ASI - Air Speed Indicator;Additional Skill Identifier(Used at the end of an MOS code);Authorized Shipping Instructions
    ASOC —Air Support Operations Center
    ASP - Air Stores Park
    ASR - Air Sea Rescue
    ASR&CF - Air Sea Rescue & Communication Flight
    ASRF - Air Sea Rescue Flight
    ASRTU - Air Sea Rescue Training Unit
    ASS - Air Signals School
    AST - Air Service Training (CRO);Area Support Team
    ASTOR - Airborne Stand-Off Radar
    ASU - Area Support Unit; or Aircraft Storage Unit
    ASuW - Anti-Surface Warfare
    ASV - Airborne Surface Vessel, radar for maritime patrol aircraft
    ASW - Anti-Submarine Warfare; Average Surface Wind
    ASWDU - Air-Sea Warfare Development Unit
    A&T – Administration and Training
    AT - Anti Tank
    ATA - Air Transport Auxiliary
    ATAF - Allied Tactical Air Force
    ATC - Air Traffic Control
    ATC - Armament Training Camp; Air Training Corps (succeeded ADCC, 1941)
    ATDC(I) -Air Transport Development Centre (India)
    ATDF - Air Transport Development Flight
    ATDU - Air Torpedo Development Unit? Air Transport Development Unit
    ATF - Autogiro Training Flight
    ATFERO - Atlantic Ferry Organization
    ATGU - Aircrew Testing & Grading Unit
    ATGW – Anti Tank Guided Weapon
    ATI - Access to Information Act
    ATOC - Army tactical Operations Course
    ATOF - Army Training and Operations Framework
    ATP - Advanced Training Poll; or Aircrew Transit Pool; or Air Transit Pool
    ATR - Anti Tank Rifle
    ATS - Auxiliary Territorial Service (women); Armament Training Station;Air Training Squadron
    Att – Attached; attachment
    ATTDU - Air Transport Tactical Development Unit;Armament Training Unit;Aircrew Transit Unit;Air Trials Unit
    ATREL - Air Transportable Reconnaissance Exploitation Laboratory
    ATU - Armament Training Unit;Aircrew Transit Unit;Air Trials Unit;Advanced Training Unit
    AUAS - Aberdeen University Air Squadron
    AUBDS - Anti U-Boat Devices School
    ausf - ausfuhrung - model\mark of equipment - Ger.
    AV – Aviation Support or seaplane tender ship designation
    AVF - All-Volunteer Force
    AVG - American Volunteer Group
    AVGP - Armoured Vehicle General Purpose
    AVLB - Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge
    AVM - Air Vice Marshal
    AVRE - Assault Vehicle Royal Engineers
    AW - Armstrong Whitworth
    AWDS - All Weather Development Squadron
    AWF - Air Wireless Fitter; or Air Warfare Centre; or All Weather Flight
    AWFCS - All Weather Fighter Conversion Squadron
    AWL - Absent Without Leave
    AWOCU - All Weather Operational Conversion Unit
    AWOL – Absent Without (Official) Leave
    AWACS – Airborne Warning And Control Systems
    AWR —Air Worthiness Release
    AWRE - Atomic Weapons Research Establishment
    AWWC - Advanced Winter Warfare Course
    A/SLt - Acting Sub-Lieutenant
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    BABS - Blind (Beam?) Approach Beacon System
    BAC - British Air Commission; Basic Airborne Course
    B&C - Barrack & Clothing
    BACB - British Air Command Berlin
    BACF - Beam Approach Calibration Flight
    BADU - Blind, later Beam Approach Development Unit
    BAe - British Aerospace
    BAFF - British Air Forces in France
    BAFO - British Air Forces of Occupation
    BAFSEA - British Air Force South-East Asia
    BAGS – Bombing and Air Gunnery School
    BAH - Basic Allowance for Housing (formerly BAQ)
    BANS - Basic Air Navigation School
    BAOR – British Army of the Rhine
    BAQ - Basic Allowance for Quarters; Basic Aircraft Qualification
    BAR - Browning Automatic Rifle
    BARU - British Airways Repair Unit; or Base Aircraft Repair Unit
    BAS - Beam Approach School
    BAS&HEDS Bomber Airborne Support & Heavy Equipment Dropping Squadron
    BAT - Beam (originally Blind) Approach
    BATDU - Blind Approach Training & Development Unit
    BATF - Beam (originally Blind) Approach Training Flight
    BATTS - Beam Approach Technical Training School
    BB - Two Letter Designator for a Battleship.
    BBCS - Bengal/Burma Communication Squadron
    BB&BLEAU - Bomb Ballistics & Blind Landing Experimental Air Unit
    BBOC Brought Back on Charge
    BBU - Bomb Ballistics Unit
    BC - Battle Captain (Ops Officer); or Battery Commander (Artillery); Bomber Command; or Basic Component; Battle Cruiser
    BCAir - British Commonwealth Air Component, Japan
    BCAS - Bomber Command Armament School
    BCATP - British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
    BCBS - Bomber Command Bombing School
    BCCF(S) - Bomber Command Communication Flight (Squadron)
    BCD —Bad Conduct Discharge; Binary-Coded Decimal; Battlefield Coordination Detachment
    BCDU - Bomber Command Development Unit
    BCFFU - Bomber Command Film Flight Unit
    BCHU - Bomber Command Holding Unit
    BCIR&EF Bomber Command Instrument Rating & Examining Flight
    BCIS - Bomber Command Instructors School
    BCJCF - Bomber Command Jet Conversion Unit
    BCMC - Bomber Command Modification Centre
    BCOF - British Commonwealth Occupation Force
    BCOL - Base Coordinator of Official Languages
    BCRD - British Columbia Regimental Depot
    BCRS - Bomber Command Radar School
    BCT —Basic Combat Training (familiarly Basic Training or Basic), Brigade Combat Team (see also HBCT, IBCT, SBCT); Best Conventional Technology
    BCTAE - British Commonwealth Trans Antarctic Expedition
    Bde – Brigade
    Bdr - Bombardier (Cpl in the Artillery)
    BDR - Battle Damage Repair
    BDT - Bomber Defence Training
    BDTF - Bomber Defence Training Flight
    BDU - Battle-Dress Uniform; or Bomb Dummy Units; or Bombing Development Unit; or Bomber Development Unit; or Balloon Development Unit; or Bomb Disposal Unit
    BEF - British Expeditionary Force
    BER - Beyond Economical Repair
    BEM - British Empire Medal
    BEQ - Bachelor Enlisted Quarters
    BF - Bring Forward (placed on a document with date the Clerk is to bring it back from the files)
    BFA - Blank Firing Attachment
    BFG – British Forces in Germany
    BFPO – British Forces Post Office
    BFT - Battle Fitness Test
    BFTS - British Flying Training School
    B&GF - Bombing & Gunnery Flight
    B&GS - Bombing & Gunnery School
    BG - Battle Group
    BGen - Brigadier General
    BGHQ – Battle Group Headquarters
    BGT - Basic Gliding Training (Air Cadets)
    BHFU - BloodHound Firing Unit
    BHSU - BloodHound Support Unit
    BIQ - Basic Infantry Qualification
    BK - Battery Captain
    BLEU - Blind Landing Experimental Unit
    BLS - Bombing Leaders School
    BMH – British Military Hospital
    BMQ - Basic Military Qualification
    BMT - Basic Military Training (Past term for BMQ and QL2)
    Bn - Battalion
    BNCOC —Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course. (Pronounced bee:knock)
    B/NO —Bombadier / Navigator Officer, or "Beano"
    BoB - Battle of Britain
    BoBMF - Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
    BOD - Board of Directors
    BOG —Beach Operations Group
    BOQ - Bachelor Officers' Quarters
    BOR - Battalion Orderly Room
    BOS - Battalion Orderly Sergeant
    BOTC - Basic Officer Training Course
    BOTP - Basic Officer Training Program
    BRCS - British Red Cross Society
    BRD - Base Repair Depot
    Brig - Brigadier (rank) - UK.
    Brig. Gen. - Brigadier General (rank) - US
    BRM —Basic Rifle Marksmanship
    BRSC - British Rear Support Command
    BRTC - Basic Recruit Training Course
    Br. CWO - Branch Chief Warrant Officer
    BPSO - Base Personnel Selection Office
    BSDU - Bomber Support Development Unit
    BSM - Battery Sergeant Major
    BSRU - Base Signal Radar Unit
    BSTU - Bomber Support Training Unit
    BT – Bathythermograph
    BT - Bystrochodny Tankovy - Fast Tank - Rus.
    BTF - Bomber Towing/Training Flight
    Btn. - Battalion - Ger.
    BTU - Bombing Trials Unit
    Bty – Battery
    BU - Broken Up
    BuOrd – Bureau of Ordnance (US Navy Bureau)
    Bus - Bilingual Units - Canadian
    BQMS - Battery Quartermaster Sergeant
    B&W – Buildings & Works
    B/WEO - Base or Wing Education Officer
    B/WPSO - Base or Wing Personnel Selection Officer
    BWF - Bristol Wireless Flight
    BWT —Battlefield Weather Team
    BX —Base eXchange. Air Force name for a PX
    BZ - (Bravo Zulu) Good job or well done
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    (C) - Coastal
    C&SM - Sheet metal & Copper Smith
    CA - Controller, Aircraft (Air Ministry);Civil Affairs;Heavy Cruiser(ship);Coast Artillery;Coastal Aviation
    CAAA - Coast Anti-Aircraft Artillery
    CAACU - Civilian Anti-Aircraft Co-operation Unit
    CAB - Combat Aviation Brigade; Cabin; Centralized Accounting & Billing (Navy); Contract Adjustment Board; Cost Analysis Brief; Combat Action Badge
    CAC – Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation; or Coast Artillery Co-operation; or Consolidated Aircraft Corporation; or Chrislea Aircraft Co.
    CACS - Central Air Command Section
    CACF - Coast Artillery Co-operation Flight
    CACU - Coast Artillery Co-operation Unit
    CAD – Central Ammunition Depot
    CADC - Canadian Army Dental Corps
    CADPAT - Canadian Disruptive Pattern (uniform design)
    CAEU - Casualty Air Evacuation Unit
    Cal Flt - Calibration Flight
    C&M - Care and Maintenance
    Cam-ship - Catapult-Armed Merchant Ship
    Cam – Camouflaged (Camo)
    CAMC - Canadian Army Medical Corps
    CAMO - Camouflage Unit
    Canada COM - Canada Command
    CANCOM – Canada Command
    CANFORGEN - Canadian Forces General Order
    CANLANDGEN - Land Force General Message
    CANSOFCOM - Canadian Special Operations Forces Command
    Canex - Canadian Forces Exchange
    CANS - Civil Air Navigation School
    CAP - Combat Air Patrol; Captain
    CAPE - Corrective Action through Physical Exercise
    CAPT - Civil Affairs Planning team
    CAO - Civil Affairs Operations
    CAOC - Canadian Army Ordnance Corps
    CAOS - Combined Air Observers School
    Capt. - Captain (rank)
    Capt - Captain (rank)
    Capt (N) - Captain (Navy), O-6
    CAR - Canadian Airborne Regiment
    CARD - Central Aircraft Repair Depot
    CAS - Chief of the Air Staff; or Casualty
    CASC - Canadian Army Service Corps
    Casevac - Casualty Evacuation
    CASF - Canadian Active Service Force; or Canadian Army Special Force
    CASTS - Combined Anti Submarine Tactical School
    CAT - Damage Category
    CAT - College of Air Training
    CATCS - Central Air Traffic Control School
    Cav - Cavalry
    CAW - College of Air Ware fare
    CB – Battle cruiser or large cruiser.
    CBCF - Coastal Battery Cooperation Flight
    CBCS - Coastal Battery Cooperation School
    CBD - Canadian Base Details
    CBE - Central Bomber Establishment
    CBG - Canadian Brigade Group
    CBRN - Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear
    Cbt Tm - Combat Team
    CC - Confined to Camp; or Capability Component; Battle cruiser
    CCAPMF - Coastal Command Aircraft Preparation& Training Unit
    CCCS – Canadian Casualty Clearing Station
    CCD - Course Control Document; or Canadian Convalescent Depot
    CCDU - Coastal Command Development Unit
    CCFATU - Coastal Command Fighter Affiliation & Training Unit
    CCP —Casualty Collection Point, communications checkpoint
    CCRC - Combat Crew Replacement Centre
    CCSDF - Coastal Command Special Duties Flight
    CCF/U - Check and Conversation Flight/Unit
    CCGS - Coat sal Command Gunnery School
    CC(F)IS - Coastal Command (Flying) Instructors School
    CCLPP - Coastal Command Land Plane Pilots Pool
    CCP – Casualty Collecting Point
    CCPP - Coastal Command Preparation Pool
    CCPS - Central Computation Pay System
    CCS – Casualty Clearing Station
    CCTDU - Coastal Command Tactical Development Unit
    CCTF - Coastal Command Training Flight/Combat Cairo Task Force Cd - Command
    CD - Coast Defence; Canadian Decoration (service medal); or Civil Defence
    CDA - Canadian Defence Academy
    CDAC – Canadian Divisional Ammunition Depot
    CDC – Canadian Dental Corps
    CDCF - Coastal Command Cooperation Flight
    CDDU - Coast Defence Development Unit
    CDG - Croix de Guerre
    Cdr - Commander (Naval rank) , O-5
    CDS - Chief of the Defence Staff
    CDSA - Controlled Drugs and Substances Act
    CE - Canadian Engineers
    CEDIT - Command Engineering Development & Investigation Unit
    CEF - Casualty Defence Flight; or Canadian Expeditionary Force (1914-1919)
    CEFCOM – Canadian Expeditionary Force Command
    CEOTP - Continuing Education Officer Training Plan
    CER - Combat Engineer Regiment
    CERD - Canadian Engineer Reinforcement Depot
    CF - Canadian Forces; or Canadian Fighter; or Communication Flight; or Conversion Flight (number Prefix)
    CE Round - Chemical Energy Round
    CF 98 - Canadian Forces form #98 - Report on Injuries
    CF H Svcs Gp - Canadian Forces Health Services Group
    CF LA - Canadian Forces Legal Advisor
    CFA - Canadian Field Ambulance; or Canadian Field Artillery
    CFAD - Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot
    CFAO - Canadian Forces Administrative Order
    CFB - Canadian Forces Base
    CFC – Canadian Forestry Corps
    CFCCU - Civilian Fighter Control Cooperation Flight
    CFCEP - Canadian Forces Continuing Education Program
    CFCF - Canadian Forces Central Fund
    CFCS – Canadian Forces Communications System; or Central Fighter Control School
    CFCSC - Canadian Forces Command and Staff College (located in Toronto)
    CFDCP - Canadian Forces Drug Control Program
    CFE - Canadian Forces Europe;Central Fighter Establishment;Conventional Forces Europe (treaty)
    CFEWC - Canadian Forces Electronic Warfare Centre. Located a Shirleys Bay outside Ottawa.
    CFF - Combined Forces in France
    CFFM - Canadian Forces Fire Marshal
    CFFTS - Canadian Forces Flight Training School
    CFHA - Canadian Forces Housing Agency
    CFI - Chief Flying Instructor; or Chief Flight Instructor; or Communications Flight Iraq
    CFI&P - Communication Flight Iraq & Persia
    CFIOG - Canadian Forces Information Operations Group
    CFITES - Canadian Forces Individual Training and Education System
    CFLAWC – Canadian Forces Land Advanced Warfare Centre
    CFLC - Canadian Forces Liaison Council
    CFLRS - Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School
    CFMEP - Canadian Forces Military Equivalencies Program
    CFMO - Canadian Forces Medical Order
    CFMPA - Canadian Forces Military Police Academy
    CFMS – Canadian Forces Medical Service
    Cfn - Craftsman, A Private in any 400 series trade (VehTech, Wpns Tech, FCS Tech, Mat Tech)
    CFN - Canadian Forces Newspapers
    CFNCIU - Canadian Forces National Counter-Intelligence Unit
    CFNES - Canadian Forces Naval Engineering School
    CFNIS - Canadian Forces National Investigation Service
    CFP - Canadian Forces Publication: A Canadian military book or PAM.
    CFPAF - Canadian Forces Personnel Assistance Fund
    CFPAS - Canadian Forces Personnel Appraisal System
    CFPD - Canadian Forces professional development
    CFPM - Canadian Forces Provost Marshall (Commanding Officer of Canadian Military Police)
    CFPO - Canadian Forces Post Office
    CFPP - Canadian Forces Parliamentary Program
    (C)FPP - Civilian Ferry Pilots Pool
    CFPSA - Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency
    CFR - Canadian Forces Registration (vehicles license plate number); or Commissioning From Ranks
    CFRC - Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre
    CFRETS - Canadian Forces Recruiting, Education and Training System
    CFRG - Canadian Forces Recruiting Group
    CFRIMS - Canadian Forces Resources Information Management System
    CF(S) - Communications Flight (Squadron)
    CFS - Canadian Forces Station; or Central Flying School
    CFSAL - Canadian Forces School of Administration and Logistic
    CFSATS - Canadian Forces Small Arms Trainer Simulator
    CFSCE - Canadian Forces School of Communications and Electronics
    CFSD - Canadian Forces Supply Depot
    CFSEME - Canadian Forces School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
    CFSME - Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering
    CFSO - Canadian Forces Supplementary Orders
    CFTO - Canadian Forces Technical Order
    CF/Unit - Camouflage Flight/Unit
    CFWD - Communication Flight Western Desert
    CGA - Canadian Garrison Artillery
    CGH - Canadian General Hospital
    CGIS - Central Gliding Instructors School
    CGM - Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
    CGMF - Central Glider Maintenance Flight
    CGN - Cruiser, Guided Missile, Nuclear
    CGR - Canadian Garrison Regiment
    CGS - Central Gunnery School; or Central Gliding School; or Chief of the General Staff
    CH - Chain Home (Radar chain)
    CHAP - Cadet Harassment and Abuse Prevention
    CHEL - Chain Home Extra Low (Radar)
    CHL - Chain Home Low (Radar chain)
    CHRC - Canadian Human Rights Commission
    CHRPCC - Civilian Human Resource Planning and Coordination Committee
    CHRSC - Civilian Human Resource Service Centers
    CIBG - Canadian Infantry Brigade Group
    CIC - Cadet Instructors Cadre; Combat Information Center
    CIG – Chief Instructor in Gunnery
    CinC – Commander in Chief
    CINCPACFLT – Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet
    CITC – Canadian Infantry Training Centre
    CJTF - Combined Joint Task Force
    CL - Casualty List;Light Cruiser (ship)
    CLAM - Combat Liberation Army of Meaford
    CLE - Central Landing Establishment
    CLFCSC - Canadian Land Force Command and Staff College (located in Kingston, ON)
    CLH – Canadian Light Horse
    CLS - Chief of the Land Staff; or Central Landing School
    CM - Career Manager; or Court Martial
    CMBG - Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group
    Cmd - Command
    CMD - Conventional Munitions Disposal
    Cmdre - Commodore
    CME - Canadian Military Engineer
    CMF - Central Med Forces
    CMGC - Canadian Machine Gun Corps
    CMIS - Career Management Information System
    CMJ - Chief Military Judge
    CMP - Chief of Military Personnel; or Corps of Military Police
    CMPA - Canadian Military Police Association
    CMR - Canadian Mounted Rifles
    CMS - Chief of Maritime Staff
    CMTC – Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre
    CMU - Civilian Maintenance Unit
    CN&CS - Central Navigation & Control School
    CNF - Commonwealth Naval Forces
    CNS - Central Navigation School
    CNVTS - Central Night Vision Training School
    CO - Commanding Officer (can also be OC); or Chain Overseas (Overseas version of CH)
    COA - Course of Action
    COD - Command Ordinance Depot
    C of I - Court of Inquiry
    COI - Conflict of Interest
    COIN - Counter-Insurgency Operations
    Col. – Colonel
    COM – Commodore, naval title given to one who is not an admiral who commands Captains
    Comd. – Commander; or Command
    COMINT - Communications Intelligence
    Comm(s) Communication(s)
    Comms Z – Communications Zone
    Compo – Composite Ration (also called comp rat)
    COMSEN – Communications Centre
    COMSOWESPAC - Commander, South West Pacific
    COMSUBPAC – Commander, Submarines, Pacific
    COMSUBSOWESPAC – Commander, Submarines, South West Pacific
    Con - Convoy; Control (esp. ships controls)
    Conv – Conversion
    Coord – Co-ordinate
    CORD - Central Ontario Regimental Depot
    COTU - Coastal Operational Training Unit
    COS - Chief of Staff; or Company Orderly Sergeant; or Change of Strength
    Coy - Company
    C&P - Counseling and Probation
    CP - Command Post; or Close Protection
    CPC – Canadian Postal Corps
    CPE - Central Photographic Establishment
    CPF - Canadian Patrol Frigate. (Halifax Class); or Coastal Patrol Flight
    Cpl – Corporal
    CPO – Chief Petty Officer (Navy Rank); or Command Pay Office
    CPO1 - Chief Petty Officer 1st Class
    CPO2 - Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class
    CPPR - Civilian Performance Planning and Review
    Cpt. - Captain;Captured
    CQMS - Company Quartermaster Sergeant
    CRB - Career Review Board
    CRC - Control and reporting center
    CRCR - Canadian Reserve Cavalry Regiment
    CRD - Controller of Research & Development
    CRDF - Cathode Ray Direction Finding
    CRE - Central Reconnaissance Establishment;Commander, Royal Engineers;Chief Royal Engineer
    CRF - Controller of Research & Development
    CRO - Central Records Office; or Civilian Repair Organization
    CRP - Civilian Repair Party
    CRPG - Canadian Ranger Patrol Group
    CRS - Chief Review Services; or Control and Reporting School
    CRT - Canadian Railway Troops;Cathode Ray Tube
    CRU - Civilian Repair Unit
    CS(A) - Controller of Supply (Air)
    CSD - Code of Service Discipline
    CSDE - Central Servicing Development Establishment
    Cse – Course
    CSE - Central Signals Establishment
    CSF - Central Signals Establishment; or Communications and Support Flight
    CSIS - Canadian Security and Intelligence Service
    CSM - Company Sergeant Major
    CSOR - Canadian Special Operations Regiment
    CSPDE - Combined services Project Development Unit
    CSR - Combat Stress Reaction
    CSS Communications and Support Squadron; Combat Service Support
    C Sups – Combat Supplies
    C SCOT R - Canadian Scottish Regiment. A Reserve Infantry Regiment on Vancouver Island.
    CSU - Communications and Support Unit
    CT - Component Transfer
    CTC – Canadian Training Centre
    CTF - Combined Task Force (refers to a multi-national TF)
    CTO - Compensated Time Off
    CTP – Commonwealth Training Plan (aka BCATP); or Course Training Plan
    CTS - Combat Training School; or Clothe The Soldier
    CTTS - Communications & Target-towing Squadron; or Civilian Technical Training School
    CTU - Combat Training Unit; or Crew Training Unit
    CTW - Combat Training Wing
    CU - Conversion Unit; or Camouflage Unit; or Communications Unit
    Cu - Converted
    CV - Common Valve; or Combat Vehicles;Aircraft Carrier(ship)
    CVE – Escort (or “jeep”) aircraft carrier
    CVD – Central Vehicle Depot
    CVL – Light aircraft carrier
    CVN - Aircraft Carrier, Nuclear
    CW - Communication Wing; or Chemical Warfare
    CWAC - Canadian Women's Army Corps
    CWAC ACCOMM - Canadian Women's Army Corps Accommodations
    CWGC - Commonwealth War Graves Commission
    CWO - Chief Warrant Officer
    CWP - Contractor's Working Party
    CWRO – Canadian War Records Office
    CZP - Correct Zeroing Point
    CzTU - Czechoslovak Training Unit
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    D Cdts - Directorate of Cadets
    D Dent Svcs - Director Dental Services
    D Env P - Director, Environmental Protection
    D Fin Ops - Directorate Financial Operations
    D Law HR - Director Law Human Resources
    D Law MJPR - Director Law Military Justice Policy and Research
    D Law/ I - Director of Law/ International
    D Law/Mil Per - Director of Law/Military Personnel
    D Mar Pers - Directorate of Maritime Personnel
    D Med Pol - Director Medical Policy
    D Med Svcs - Director Medical Services
    D Mil C - Director Military Careers
    D Pub Pol - Directorate of Public Policy
    DAC – Divisional Ammunition Company
    DAF - Desert Air Force
    DAFTF - Desert Air Force Training Flight
    DAIP - Director Access to Information and Privacy
    DAOD - Defense Administration Orders and Directives
    DAPPP - Director Accounts Processing, Pay and Pensions
    DART - Disaster Assistance Response Team
    DATCO - Deputy Air Traffic Controller
    DBF - Destroyed By Fire
    DBR - Damaged Beyond Repair
    DC Pol - Directorate Contracting Policy
    DCCL - Director, Claims and Civil Litigation
    DCCO - Director Civilian Classification and Organization
    DCDS - Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff
    DCEP - Director Civilian Employment Policies
    DCHRHP - Director of Civilian Human Rights and Harassment Programs
    DCIEM - Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine.
    DCM – Distinguished Conduct Medal
    DCO - Deputy Commanding Officer; or Duty Carried Out
    DCOS - Deputy Chief of Staff
    DCSA - Directorate Casualty Support and Administration
    DD - Destroyer (ship)
    DD214 - DD Form 214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty - US. http://www.archives.gov/veterans/military-service-records/dd-214.html
    DDDO - Direction for Domestic Operations
    DDG - Destroyer, Guided Missile
    DDH - Destroyer, Helicopter carrying
    DDL - Destroyer Deck Landings
    DDR - East Germany Deutsche Democratic Republic - also GDR
    DDSAL - Director of Disposals, Sales, Artifacts and Loans
    DE - Destroyer Escort (ship)
    DECPR - Director, External Communications and Public Relations
    Def – Defence
    Del/Dly - Delivery
    DEO - Direct Entry Officer
    DEOP - Direct entry officer plan
    DEP - Delayed Entry Program; or Director Ethics Program
    Det – Detachment; or Detached
    Dett - Detachment (detachment to another unit or Squadron)
    DEU - Distinctive Environmental Uniform
    DEW - Distant Early Warning (The DEW-line radar system)
    DEW Line – Distant Early Warning Line
    D/F - Direct Finding (Station)
    DF – Defensive Fire
    DFC - Distinguished Flying Cross
    DFCS - Day Fighter Combat School, part of CFE
    DFLS - Day Fighter Leaders School
    DFM - Distinguished Flying Medal
    DFPP - Director of Financial Policy and Procedures
    DFS - Direct Fire Support
    DG Cond Svc - Director General Conditions of Service
    DG Int - Director General Intelligence
    DGA - Director General of Aviation
    DGADR - Director General Alternative Dispute Resolution
    DGCESP - Director General Civilian Employment Strategies and Programs
    DGE - Director General Environment
    DGEPS - Director General Equipment Program Services
    DGER - Director General Employee Relations
    DGFDA - Director General Force Development Analysis
    DGHS - Director General Health Services.
    DGIIP - Director General International and Industry Programs
    DGLPD - Director General Learning and Professional Development
    DGLRC - Director General Labour Relations and Compensation
    DGMC - Director General (Military Careers)
    DGNS - Director General Nuclear Safety
    DGPA - Director General (Public Affairs)
    DGPGP - Director General Personnel Generation Policy
    DGRC - Director General (Reserves and Cadets)
    DGRD - Director General of Research & Development
    DGSP - Director General (Strategic Planning)
    DHFS - Defence Helicopter Flying School
    DHH - Directorate of History and Heritage
    DHO - Director of Health Operations
    DHRD - Director Human Rights and Diversity
    DHRIM - Directorate Human Resources Information Management. (The PeopleSoft people.)
    DI - Drill Instructor; or Daily Inspection (This was done every morning on equipment)
    DICASS - Directional Command Activated Sonobouy System.
    DIFAR - Directional Frequency Analisys and Recording.
    DIHRS - Defence Integrated Human Resource System
    DIMSP - Directorate Information Management Strategic Planning
    DIN - Defence Information Network
    DIP - Director Intellectual Property
    DIRPR - Director Information Resource Plans and Regulation
    Disb – Disbanded
    DISO - Defence Information Services Organization
    DJAG - Deputy Judge Advocate General
    DKiG - DeutscheKreuz im Geld - German Cross in Gold
    DKIM - Director Knowledge and Information Management
    DL - Distributed Learning
    DLBM/Food S - Director Logistics Business Management/Food Services
    DLBM/TM - Director Logistics Business Management/Transportation Management
    DLPDPS - Director Learning and Professional Development Programs and Services
    DLPDSP - Director Learning and Professional Development Strategies and Policies
    DLRPP - Director Labour Relations Policies and Programs
    DM - Deputy Minister
    DMASP - Director Materiel Acquisition and Support Programme
    DMC - Defence Management Committee
    DMCARM - Director Military Careers Administration and Resource Management
    DME - Distance Measuring Equipment
    DMFS - Directorate Military Family Services
    Dml – Demolition
    DMMD - Director Materiel Management Distribution
    DMPD - Director, Management Policy Development
    DMPP - Director Materiel Policy and Procedures
    DNCO – Duty Not Carried Out; or Did Not Complete Operation
    DND - Department of National Defence
    DO - Duty Officer; or Daily Order
    DOB - Date of Birth; or Deployed Operating Base
    DOL - Director Official Languages
    DOS SJS - Director of Staff, Strategic Joint Staff
    D of W – Died of Wounds
    DoW – Died of Wounds
    DP - Development Period; officer and NCM careers are divided into Developmental Periods
    DPDT - Director Plans, Doctrine and Training
    DPE - Directorate of Physical Education
    DPFL - Directorate Protocol and Foreign Liaison
    DPM - Deputy Provost Marshal
    DQA - Director Quality Assurance
    DQOL - Director Quality of Life
    DRET - Directorate of Recruiting, Education and Training
    DRSO - Daily Range Standing Order
    DS - Directing Staff
    DSA - Director Senior Appointments
    DSCDS - Defence Subject Classification and Disposition System
    DSCES - Director Strategic Communications and Executive Services
    DSCO - Director Supply Chain Operations
    DSEI - Directorate of Special Examinations and Inquiries
    DSM - Drill Sergeant Major
    DSO - Distinguished Service Order
    DTD - Directorate of Technical Development; or Director of Technical Development (Air Ministry)
    DTEO - Defence Test & Evaluation Organization
    DTEP - Director Training and Education Policy
    DTG – Date Time Group
    DTMS - Defence Terminology Management System
    DTN - Defence Teleprinter Network
    DTSES - Directorate Telecommunications and Spectrum Engineering and Support
    DUAS - Durham University Air Squadron
    DVA - Department of Veteran Affairs
    Dvr – Driver
    DWAN - Defence Wide Area Network
    DWI - Directional Wireless Installation (Magnetic Minesweepers)
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    EAAS - Empire Air Armament School
    EAC - Eastern Air Command
    EAF - East Africa Flight
    EANS - Empire Air Navigation School
    EAOS - Elementary Air Observer School
    EASSU - Enemy Aircraft Storage & Servicing Unit
    EATS - Empire Air Training Scheme
    EBTS - Elementary and Basic Training School (Coastal Command)
    EC - Escadrille de Chasse (Small French Fighter Unit)
    ECC - Equipment Configuration Code
    ECS - Environmental Chiefs of Staff
    ECDU - Electronic Countermeasures Development Unit; or Engine Control Demonstration Unit
    ECFS - Empire Central Flying School
    Ech – Echelon
    ECI - Engineer Control Instructors ECM - Electronic Countermeasures
    ECU - Electronic Countermeasures Unit
    ECV - Escort Carrier (ship)
    ED - Equivalency Database; or Environmental Directive
    ED&T - Exempt From Drill and Training
    EDD - Equipment Disposal Unit
    EdO - Education Objective
    EDP – Emergency Defence Plan
    EFS - Empire Flying School
    EFTS - Elementary Flying Training School
    EGS - Elementary Gliding School
    EGTS - Elementary Glider Training School
    EIS - Equipment Issue Scale
    EL - Eichenlaub - Oak Leaves (supplement to German decorations esp. Knight's Cross) - Ger.
    ELG - Emergency Landing Ground
    ELINT - Electronic Intelligence
    ELOC - Essential Level of Capability
    ELUs - English Language Units
    EMCS - Eastern Mediterranean Communication Flight
    EME - Electrical Mechanical Engineer
    EMUAS - East Midlands University Air Squadron
    En – Enemy
    Eng – English
    Engr – Engineer
    ENS – Ensign (naval rank), O-1
    EO - Enabling Objective
    EOD – Explosive Ordnance Disposal
    EORD – Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot
    EOWS - Elementary Observer Wireless School
    EP - Equipment Park
    Eqpt – Equipment
    ERP - Emergency Response Plans
    ERPT - Emergency Response Planning Team
    ERS - Empire Radio School; or Engine Repair Section
    E&RFTS - Elementary& Reserve Flying Training School
    ESR - Engineer Support Regiment
    ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival
    ETO - European Theatre of Operations
    ETPS - Empire Test Pilots School
    EU - Equipment Unit
    EUAS - Edinburgh University Air Squadron
    Evd - Evaded Capture
    EWAU - Electronic Ware fare Avionics Unit
    EWE&TU - Electronic Ware fare Experimental & Training Unit
    EW - Electronic Warfare; or Early Warning
    E&WS - Electrical & Wireless School
    EWS - Emergency Water Supply
    EX – Exercise ; or Executive Group
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    F1A - Fitter I (Airframes)
    F1E - Fitter I (Engines)
    F2A - Fitter II (Airframes)
    F2E - Fitter II (Engines)
    FAA - Fleet Air Arm; or Financial Administration Act
    FAC – Forward Air Controller
    FAE – Fitter Aero Engines
    FAM - Financial Administration Manual
    FAP - First Aid Post
    FAGS - Fleet Aerial Gunners School
    FATU - Flight Affiliation Training Unit; or Fighter Armament Training Unit
    FB - Fire Base
    FBDF - Flying Boat Development Flight
    F-BFTS - France-Belgium Flying Training Unit
    FBO - Fixed Base Operations
    FBS - Flying Boat School
    FBSU - Flying Boat Servicing Unit
    FBSU - Flying Boat Servicing Unit
    FC - Ferry Control/Fighter Command/Flying Control
    FCCRS - Fighter Command Control & Reporting School
    FCCS/F Fighter Command Communication Squadron/Flight
    FCCU - Fighter Control Cooperation Unit
    FCIRS/F - Fighter Command Instrument Rating Squadron/Flight
    FCITF/S - Fighter Command Instrument Training Flight .Squadron
    FCMPC - Fighter Command Missile Practice Camp
    FCP - Family Care Plan
    FCPU - Ferry Command Preparation Unit
    FCRS - Fighter Command Radar School
    FCS - Fighter Command School
    FCS - Facility Checking Squadron
    FCTU - Fighter Command Trials Unit
    Fd Engr - Field Engineer
    FDF - Fighter Defence Unit
    FDS - Field Dressing Station
    F/E - Flight Engineer
    F & E - Furniture and Effects
    FE - Far East
    FEAF - Far East Air Force
    FEAFES - Far East Air Force Examination Squadron
    FEBA – Forward Edge Battle Area
    FECEF - Far East Casualty Evacuation Unit
    FEE - Fighter Experimental Establishment
    FEE Op - Field Engineer Equipment
    FEFEW - Far East Flying Boat Wing
    FEO - Fire Effects Observer/Officer
    FES – Flight Engineer School; or Field Engineering Squadron
    FETDU - Far East Tactical Development Unit
    FETS - Far East Training Squadron
    FETW - Far East Training Wing
    FF - Fighter Flight/Ferry Flight/Free French
    FFAF - Free French Air Force
    FFDPF - Free French Desert Patrol Flight
    FFE - Fire for Effect
    FFFF - Free French Fighter Flight
    FFH - Frigate, Helicopter. A Frigate type vessel with Helicopter(s) as its primary armament
    FFI - Free From Infection
    FF PFMP - Fire Fighters Physical Fitness Maintenance Program
    FFP - Final Firing Position
    Fg - Frigate
    FHP - Force Health Protection
    FIBUA - Fighting In Built Up Areas
    FIDO - Fog Investigation and Dispersal Operation
    F I DS/U - Fighter Interception Development Squadron/Unit
    Fin - Financial
    Fin O - Financial Officer
    FIS - Flying Instructors School
    FIU - Fighter Interception Unit
    Fj - Fallschirmjäger - Paratrooper - Ger.
    F/L - Flight Lieutenant
    FLAK - Flieger abwehr kanone - Anti-aircraft gun - Ger. (also the fire from one)
    FLET – Forward Location Enemy Troops
    FLOT – Forward Location Own Troops; or Flotilla (Flot)
    FLS - Fighter Leaders School
    Flt - Flight
    FLUs - French Language Units
    FM - Frequency Modulation (radio transmission type and sonar signal type)
    FMA - Flight Mechanic Airframes
    FMAS - Financial and Managerial Accounting System
    FMC – Force Mobile Command
    FME - Flight Mechanic Engines
    Fmm – Formation
    FMP - Field Message Pad
    FMS - Facilities Management Squadron; or Field Maintenance Squadron
    FSMO - Full Service Marching Order
    F/O - Flying Officer
    FOA - Field Operations Allowance
    FOB - Forward Operating Base
    FOO - Forward Observation Officer
    FOUO – For Official Use Only FP - Ferry Pool
    FPF - Final Protective Fire
    FPP - Ferry Pilots Pool
    FPU - Ferry Preparation Unit; or Film Production Unit
    FR - Fighter Reconnaissance
    FRD - Forward Repair Depot
    FrKptn - Fregattenkapitan - Frigate Captain (approx senior grade Naval Commander) - Ger.
    FRS - Flying Refresher School
    FRT – Forward Repair Team
    FRU - Field Repair Unit/Fleet Requirements Unit
    F/S - Flight Sergeant
    FS - Fighting School
    FSAF&G - Fleet School of Aerial Fighting & Gunnery School
    FSDS - Fighter Support Development Squadron
    FSP - Forward Staging Post
    FSS - Ferry Support Squadron; or Flying Selection Squadron
    FSTS - Fire and Security Training School
    FSTU - Fighter Support Training Unit
    FTC - Flying Training Command
    FTCPF - Flying Training Command Practice Flight
    FTF/U - Ferry Training Flight/Unit
    FTFlt - Ferry Training Flight
    FTLU - French Tactical Liaison Unit
    FTR - Failed to Return
    FTS - Flying Training School
    FTU - Ferry Training Unit/Floatplane Training Unit/Flight Trials Unit
    FU - Ferry Unit
    Fuh. - Fuehrer - Leader - Ger.
    FUP – Forming Up Point (or Position)
    FWS - Fighter Weapons School
    Fw. - Feldwebel - Sergeant - Ger.
    Fw. - Focke Wulfe (Ger. aircraft manufacturer)
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    GATES - German Army Training Establishment Shilo
    GATU - Ground Attack Training Unit
    G/C - Group Captain
    GC - Gliding Centre; or Groupe de Chasse; or Good Conduct
    GCA - Ground Controlled Approach
    GCAOS - Ground Controlled Approach Operation School
    GCAS - Ground Controlled Approach Squadron
    GCATU - Ground Controlled Approach Training Unit
    GC badge – Good Conduct Badge
    GCCS - Global Command and Control System (Maritime)
    GCF - Gunnery Co-operation Flight/Group Communication Flight
    GCHQ - Government Communications HQ
    GCI - Ground Controlled Interception
    GCS - Ground Controlled Squadron
    GCT - Ground Combat Training
    GD - General Duties
    GD - Grossdeutschland - Greater Germany (the state); GD Division - Ger.
    GDC - Group Disbandment Centre
    GDGS - Group Defence Gunnery School
    GDP – General Defence Plan
    GE - George Cross
    GED - Ground Equipment Depot; or General Educational Development
    Gefr. - Gefreiter - Private soldier rank (approx) - Ger.
    Gen - General
    Genlt - Generalleutnant - Lieutenant General - Ger.
    GenMaj - Generalmajor - Major General - Ger.
    GEP - General Equipment Park
    GES - Glider Exercise Squadron
    GEU - Glider Exercise Unit
    GFM - Generalfeldmarschall - Field Marshall - Ger.
    GG - Ground Gunnery
    GGS - Ground Gunnery School
    GI - Ground Instructional
    GIC - Gliding Induction Course (Air Cadets)
    GIF - Glider Instructors Flight
    GIP - Grid Intersecting Point
    GIS - Glider Instructors School
    GL - Gun Laying (radar)
    GMC - General Military Course
    Gnd - ground
    Gnr - Gunner (private in artillery)
    (G) OTU - Glider Operational Training Unit
    GoC - Government of Canada
    GOC - General Officer Commanding
    Gp - Group
    GP - General Purpose
    GP CF - Group Conversion Flight
    GP/DA - Group Disposal Account (book-keeping exercise for damaged aircraft)
    GPEU - Glider Pilot Exercise Unit
    GPIS - Glider Pilot Instructors School
    GPMG – General Purpose Machine Gun
    GPO - Gun Position Officer
    GPS – Global Positioning System
    GPUTF - Glider Pick-up Training Unit
    GPR - Glider Pilot Regiment
    GQA - Government Quality Assurance
    GR - General reconnaissance
    GR&ANS - General Reconnaissance and Air Navigation School
    GRF - Ground Radar Fitter
    GRICS - Ground Radio Installation Clearance Service (security clearance for visitors)
    Gröfaz - Der größte Generall und Feldherr aller Zeiten - The greatest General and Field Commander of all time - Sly nickname for Hitler - Ger.
    GRS - General Reconnaissance School
    GRSF - Ground Radio Servicing Flight
    GRSS - Ground Radio Servicing Squadron
    GRU - General Reconnaissance Unit
    GRU/F - General Reconnaissance Unit/Flight
    GS - Gliding School; or General Specification; or Grading School
    GSE - Glider Servicing Echelon
    GSF - Glider Servicing Flight
    GSP - Government Security Policy
    GSU - Group Support Unit
    GSW – Gunshot Wound
    GTF - Gunnery Training Flight
    GTPS - Glider & Tug Pilots School
    GTS - Glider Training Squadron; or Glider Training School
    GU - Grading Unit
    GUAS - Glasgow University Air Squadron
    GWDS - Guided Weapon Development Squadron
    GWF - Ground Wireless Fitter
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    HAA – Heavy Anti Air
    HAAPC - Heavy antiaircraft Practice Camp
    HAD - Home Aircraft Depot
    HATS - Hull, Armament, Turret, Suspension
    HAZMAT - Hazardous Material
    (HB) - Heavy Bomber
    (HB)CU - (Heavy Bomber) Conversion Unit
    HB – Hostile Battery
    HCA - Health Care Administrator
    HCCS - Home Command Communications Squadron
    HCEU - Home Command Examining Unit
    HCF - Helicopter Communications Flight; or Home Communications Flight
    HCU - Heavy Conversion Unit
    HD - Home Defence
    Hdlg Sqn - Handling Squadron
    HDU - Helicopter Development Unit
    HE - High Explosive; Home Establishment (movements)
    HEAT – High Explosive Anti Tank
    Hel – Helicopter
    HEMTT – Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck
    HFDF - High Frequency Direction Finding ("Huff-Duff")
    HFF - Heavy Freight Flight
    HFU - Home Ferry Unit
    HGCU - Heavy Glider Conversion Unit
    HGMU - Heavy Glider Maintenance Unit
    HGSU - Heavy Glider Servicing Unit
    HGTU - Heavy Glider Training Unit
    HHT - House Hunting Trip
    HKAAF - Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force
    HKFS - Hong Kong Fighter Squadron
    HKVA - Hong Kong Volunteer Air Force
    HLVW - Heavy Lift Vehicle, Wheeled; or Heavy Logistics Vehicle Wheeled
    HM – Her/His Majesty
    HMCS - Her Majesty's Canadian Ship
    HMG - Heavy Machine Gun
    HMS - His/Her Majesty's Ship (UK)
    HMT - His/Her Majesty's Transport Ship
    H.O.R. - Hooven-Owens-Rentscher Ohio US submarine engine manufacturer.
    HptFw. - Hauptfeldwebel - Sergeantmajor (approx) - Ger.
    Hptm. - Hauptmann - Captain - Ger.
    HQ - Headquarters
    HQ AC - Headquarters Air Cadets
    HQ ATA - Headquarters Air Transport Auxiliary
    HQ EFT - Headquarters Elementary Flying Training
    HQ FPP - Headquarters Ferry Pilots Pool
    HQ P&SS - Headquarters Provost & Security Services ('Snowdrops')
    HQ PTC - Headquarters Personnel & Training Command
    HQ STC - Headquarters Strike Command
    HQ TAF - Headquarters Tactical Air Force
    HQME - Headquarters Middle East
    HQTTCPS - Headquarters Technical Training Command Publicity Section
    HR - Human Resources
    HRG - Historical Research Group
    HRMS - Human Resources Management System
    HS Flt - High Speed Flight
    HSO - Health Services Officer
    HST - High Speed Telegraphist
    HT - Half Track
    HTCU - Heavy Transport Conversion Unit
    (HTS)CU - (Heavy Transport Support) Conversion Unit
    HUA – Heard, Understood, Acknowledged
    HUMINT - Human Intelligence (information collected from a human source)
    Hy - Heavy
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    (I) - India
    IA - Immediate Action
    IAAD - Inland Area Aircraft Depot
    IAAS - Inland Area Aircraft School
    IAF - Indian Air Force
    IAFVR - Indian Air Force Volunteer Reserve
    IAMUS - Installation Automated Manpower Utilization System
    IAP - Initial Assessment Phase
    IAPF - Inland Area Practice Flight
    IAvMed - Institution of Aviation Medical CCF Iraq Command Communication Flight
    IAW - In Accordance With (reference)
    IBTS - Individual Battle Task Standards
    i/c - In charge
    IC - Incident Commander
    ICC - Input Control Centre
    ICF/S - Italy Communication Flight/Squadron
    IDF - Iraq Defence Flight
    IE - Initial Establishment; or Intermediate Engagement
    IED - Improvised Explosive Device
    IFCCS - Indirect Fire Control Computer Software
    IFCS - Integrated Fire Control System
    IFDU - Intensive Flying Development Unit
    IFF - Identification Friend or Foe
    IFIS - Irish Flying Instructors School
    IFS - Instrument Flying Squadron
    IFSAC - International Fire Service Accreditation Congress
    IFTS - Initial Flying Training School
    IFTU - Instrument Flying Training Unit/Intensive Flying Trials Unit
    IGT - Initial Gliding Training (Air Cadets)
    IJA – Imperial Japanese Army.
    IJN – Imperial Japanese Navy.
    ILF - Independent Liaison Flight
    ILP - Individual Learning Plan
    ILS - Instrument Landing System
    IMD - Information Management Directive
    IMP - Individual Meal Packets
    Int – Intelligence; Interned;integral;internal
    Int O - Intelligence Officer
    Int Op - Intelligence Operator
    Int Sum – Intelligence Summary
    IoM - Isle of Man
    I/O - Intelligence Officer
    IO – Intelligence Officer
    IP - Intellectual property
    IR - Immediate Reserve; or Individual Reservist
    IRF - Independent Reconnaissance Flight
    IRG - Immediate Replenishment Group
    IRIS - Inspector of Radio Installation Services
    IRRU - Instant Readiness Reserve Unit
    IR&SU - Immediate Reserve & Support Unit
    IRU - Immediate Reaction Unit
    IS – Internal Security
    ISAF - International Security Assistance Force
    ISC – Infantry Section Carrier
    ISCC - Infantry Section Commander's Course
    ISF - Internal Security Flight
    ISTAR - Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
    IT&E - Individual Training and Education
    ITF/S - Instrument Raining Flight/Squadron
    ITS - Initial Training School
    ITW - Initial Training Wing
    IW – Individual Weapon
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    J3 - Joint Staff 3 (Operations and Training)
    JAG - Judge Advocate General
    JANAC – Joint Army Navy Assessment Committee. Formed following WWII to go over Japanese records to determine actual damage done by whom.
    JAPIC - Joint Air Photographic Interpretation Centre
    JARIC - Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre
    JASS - Joint Anti-Submarine School
    JATE - Joint Air Transport Establishment
    JB - Jaeger Battalion - Mountain troops - Ger.
    JCU - Jet Conversion Unit (Bomber Command Jet Conversion Unit)
    JEFTS - Joint Elementary Flying Training Squadron
    JEHU - Joint Experimental Helicopter Unit
    JFACT&SU - Joint Forward Air Controllers Training & Standards Unit
    JFHQ - Joint Force Headquarters
    JG - Jagdgeschwader - Fighter wing - Ger.
    JGWTU - Joint Guided Weapons Training Unit
    JHDU - Joint Helicopter Development Unit
    JHQ – Joint Headquarters
    JNBCD - Joint Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defence
    JNCO - Junior NCO
    JPTU - Jet Provost Trials Unit
    JR - Infantry Regiment (used WW1 esp. Bavarian units until '30s) - Ger.
    JRC - Junior Ranks Club (Mess)
    JSPI - Joint School of Photographic Interpretation
    JSSC - Joint Services Staff College
    JSSPT - School for Jungle Self Preservation Training
    JSTU - Joint Services Trials Unit
    J/T - Junior Technician
    JTF - Joint Task Force (land/air/sea); or Jet Training Flight
    JTF-2 - Joint Task Force 2
    JTU - Joint Trials Unit
    JWE - Joint Warfare Establishment
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    KAAU - Kenya Auxiliary Air Unit
    KAF - Kenya Air Force
    KD - Khaki Drill
    Kdo. - Kommando - Commando - Ger.
    Kdore. - Kommodore - Commodore - Ger.
    Kdr - Kommandeur - Commander - Ger.
    KE Rd. - Kinetic Energy Round
    KFS - Knife, Fork, Spoon
    KF - King's Flight
    KG - Kampfgeschwader - Bomber wing - Ger.
    KIA - Killed In Action
    KKptn. - Korvettenkapitan - Corvette Captain (Lieutenant-Commander) - Ger.
    KLFS - Kula Lumpur Fighter Squadron
    Kptn.z.S - Kapitän zur See - Senior Naval Captain - Ger.
    KRs - King's Regulations
    KUAS - Kent University Air Squadron
    KwK - Kampfwagenkanone - armoured vehicle gun - Ger.
    KZ - Killing Zone
    KZ - Konzentrazionslager - Concentration Camp - Ger.
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    L1s - Level One Advisors as set out in A-FN-100-002/AG-006
    LAAGS - Light Anti-Aircraft Gunnery School
    LAAP - Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant - US.
    LAAPC - Light Anti-Aircraft Practice Camp
    LAC - Leading Aircraftman;Library and Archives Canada
    LACW - Leading Aircraft Woman
    LAM - Louisiana Maneuvers -US.
    LAMC - Letterman Army Medical Center - US.
    LARC – Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo
    LAS - Light Aircraft School
    lat - latitude
    LAT - local apparent time;local area transport
    LAV – Light Armoured Vehicle
    LAW - Leading Aircraft Woman (Airforce)
    Lb - Pound (weight)
    LB - light bombardment;local battery;litter bearer
    LCA - landing craft, assault
    LCB - line of constant bearing
    LCF - Lincoln Conversion Flight
    LCI - landing craft, infantry
    LCdr - Lieutenant Commander (Naval Rank), O-4
    LCol - Lieutenant Colonel - US.
    LCP - landing craft, personnel;lighterage control point
    LCpl – Lance Corporal
    LCT - landing craft, tank
    LCU - landing craft, utility
    LCVP - landing craft, vehicle and personnel
    LDGP - low-drag, general purpose (bomb)
    ldr leader
    LdSH (RC) – Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)
    LE - low explosive; leading edge
    LEAD - Letterkenny Army Depot - US.
    LeFH - Leichte FeldHaubitze - light field howitzer - Ger.
    LEME - Land Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
    LF – Low Frequency. Radio frequency band.
    LFA - Land Force Area
    LFAA – Land Force Atlantic Area
    LFCA – Land Force Central Area
    LFC - Land Force Command (Army)
    LFCA - Land Force Central Area
    LFCA TC – Land Forces Central Area Training Centre
    LFDTS - Land Forces Doctrine and Training System
    LFNA – Land Force Northern Area
    LFQA – Land Force Quebec Area - Can.
    LFRR - Land Force Reserve Restructure
    LFS - Lancaster Finishing School
    LFWA - Land Force Western Area
    LFWATC – Land Force Western Area Training Centre
    LFX - live fire exercise
    LG - Landing Ground;landing gear;logistics
    LGen - Lieutenant General
    LHAAP - Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant - US.
    LHQ - Local Headquarters (Army Cadet term)
    LHS - left hand side
    LICROSS - League of International Red Cross Societies
    Linc Weld - Lincoln and Welland Regiment
    L/L - latitude/longitude
    LLA - latitude, longitude, altitude
    LLF - Light Liaison Flight
    LLTU - Leigh Light Training Unit
    LM - load master;logistics management;local manufacture;Legion of Merit
    LMB – Light Mortar Battery
    LMG - Light Machine Gun
    LMF - Lack of Moral Fibre - Medical term used to describe British servicemen with Combat Stress problems
    LNO - liaison officer
    LNSF - Light Night Striking Force, of Mosquitoes of 8 Group
    LNTS - League of Nations Treaty Series
    LO - Liaison Officer
    LOA - letter of agreement;length overall;letter of authorization;light observation aircraft;limit of advance
    LOAC - Law of Armed Conflict (Hague and Geneva Conventions + protocols)
    L of C - Lines of Communication
    LOD - Line of Departure
    Log - Logistic(s)
    LOI - letter of instruction;letter of intent;list of items
    LON - letter of notification
    LONG - longitude
    LOR - level of repair;letter of request
    LOS - Line Of Sight
    LOSREP - loss report (aircraft/aircrew)
    LP - Listening Post
    LR - Long Range
    LRDG - Long Range Desert Group
    LRFU - Long Rang Ferry Unit
    LRDF - Long Range Development Flight
    LRDU - Long Range Development Unit
    LRMP - long-range maritime patrol
    LRPA - long-range patrol aircraft
    LRR - long-range radar
    LRRP - long-range reconnaissance patrols
    LRS - Legislative and Regulatory Services
    LRSW - Long Range Sniper Weapon
    LRWE - Long Range Weapons Research Establishment
    LRWRE - Long Range Weapons Research Establishment
    LS - Leading Seaman
    LSDI - Large Scale Deliberate Intervention
    LSMR - landing ship, Multiple rocket
    LST - Landing Ship, Tank; List
    LSV - logistics support vessel
    LSVW - Light Support Vehicle Wheeled
    LSW - Light Support Weapon
    Lt – Lieutenant - Leutnant
    Lt. Gen. - Lieutenant General
    Lt. Col. - Lieutenant Colonel (rank)
    Lt (N) - Lieutenant (Navy), O-3
    LTAs - Leave Travel Assistance
    LTI – Link Trainer Instructor
    LT (JG) lieutenant junior grade (Naval Rank), O-2
    LTP - Long Term Planning
    LTW - Lyneham Transport Wing
    LUP - Lying Up Point
    LVS - Logistics Vehicle System
    LW - Light Warning (radar);long wave;low wing;leeway
    Lw - Luftwaffe - Air Force - Ger.
    LWCC - Lightweight Combat Clothing
    LZ - Landing Zone
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    MA - Managing Authority
    MAA - Mutual Aid Agreement
    MAAF - Mediterranean Allied Forces; or Malayan Auxiliary Air Force
    MAC - Mediterranean Air Command
    MACAF - Mediterranean Allied Coastal Air Force
    MACP - Medic Air Command Post
    MAD - Marine Acceptance Depot
    MAED - Marine Aircraft Experimental Depot
    MAEE - Marine Aircraft Experimental Establishment
    MAEU - Marine Aircraft Experimental Unit
    MAFIS - Midlands Area Flying Instructors School
    Magic – code name applied to high level Japanese war time decryptions
    Maj - Major (rank)
    Maj. Gen. - Major General (rank)
    MAJAID - Major Air Disaster
    M.A.N. - Maschinefabrik-Augsburg-Nürnberg. German diesel engine design and manufacturer.
    MAP - Ministry of Aircraft Production
    MARCOM - Maritime Command
    MAREL - Moveable Air Reconnaissance Exploitation Unit
    Maru code - low level IJN code used by merchant and transport vessels
    MASFS - Midlands area School of Special Flying
    MASM - Managing Authority System Manager
    MASR&CF - Malta Air Sea Rescue & Communications Flight
    MATAF - Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Forces
    MATZ - Military Air Traffic Zone
    MBdr - Master Bombardier (MCpl in the Artillery)
    MBT – Main Battle Tank
    MC - Military Cross
    MCA - Ministry of Civil Aviation
    MCC - Military Career Counselor
    MCC&FF - Maintenance Command Communication and Ferry Flight
    (MC)IRAM - Marine Corps Individual Records Administration Manual - US.
    MCJTF - Maintenance Command Jet Training Flight
    MCOIN - Maritime Command Operational Information System
    MCpl - Master Corporal - Can.?
    MCS - Metropolitan Communication Squadron
    MCTAP - Military Civilian Training Accreditation Program
    MC&TTS - Malta Communication & Target Towing Flight
    MCU - Mosquito Conversion Unit; or Meteorological Conversion Unit
    MCU - Marine Craft Unit
    M&D - Medicine and Duties; or Medals and Decorations
    MD – Military District
    MDA - Main Defensive Area
    MCDV - Maritime Coastal Defence Vessel
    Me - Messerschmitt
    ME - Middle East
    MEAC - Middle East Air Command
    MEAF - Middle East Air Force
    MEAFITF - Middle East Air Force Instrument Training Flight
    MEAFTTU - Middle East Air Force Target Towing Unit
    MEAS - Middle East Armament School
    MECGS - Middle East Central Gunnery School
    Mech - Mechanized
    Med - Medical;Mediterranean;medium
    MedMe - Mediterranean and Middle East
    MEF - Middle East Forces
    MEFC - Middle East Ferry Control/Command
    MEL - Medical Employment Limitations
    MENVTS - Middle East Night Vision Training School
    MEP&AP - Middle East Pilot & Aircrew Pool
    Met Res - Meteorological Research
    METS - Middle East Training School
    MEW - Microwave Early Warning (radar)
    MFC - Mortar Fire Controller
    MFH - Military Field Hospital
    MFNU - Malta Night Fighter Unit
    MFP - Military Foot Police
    MFPU - Mobile Field Photographic Unit
    MFRC - Military Family Resource Centre
    MG - Machine Gun; or Motor Generator
    MGen - Major General
    MGS - Mobile Gun System
    MGSP - Mobile Glider Servicing Party
    M&I - Messes and Institutes
    MI - Military Intelligence
    MIA - Missing in Action
    MICV - Mechanized Infantry Combat Vehicle
    MID - Mentioned in Dispatches
    Militia - The Reserve Force (RF)
    Min Tech - Ministry of Technology
    MIO - Maritime Interdiction Operations
    MIR - Medical Inspection Room
    Mk - Mark
    MKV - Mark V fire tender
    MLOC - Minimum Level of Capability
    MLU – Maple Leaf Up - Can.
    MLVW - Medium Logistics Vehicle Wheeled
    MM - Military Medal
    MMESTF/S – Mediterranean & Middle East Special Transport Flight/Squadron
    MMEV – Multi-Mission Effects Vehicle
    MML – Manual of Military Law
    MND - Minister of National Defence
    MMP - Military Mounted Police
    MO - Medical Officer (doctor)
    MOA - Ministry of Aviation
    Mob – Mobilisation; Mobile
    MOC - Military Occupation Code
    MoD - Ministry of Defence - UK.
    Mod - Modified/modification
    Mod - Modèle - Model/Mark - Fr.
    MOD(PE) - Ministry of Defence (Procurement Executive)
    MOPA - Military Objective Previously Attacked
    MOPP - Mission Oriented Protective Posture
    MORU - Mobile Operations Room Unit
    MOS - Marine Observation School; or Military Occupational Structure
    MoS - Ministry of Supply
    MOTU - Marine Operational Training Unit
    MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
    MOUT - Military Operations in Urban Terrain
    Mov O – Movement Order
    MP - Military Police; Member of Parliament
    MPCC - Military Police Complaints Commission
    MPI - Mean Point of Impact
    MPIR - Military Police Investigation Report
    MPRR - Member’s Personnel Record Résumé
    MRD – Manitoba Regimental Depot
    MRE - Meal Ready to Eat (rations)
    MRES - Missing Research and Enquiry Service
    MREU - Missing Research and Enquiry Unit
    MRF - Meteorological Research Flight
    MRS - Maritime Reconnaissance School
    MR sqn - Medium Reconnaissance squadron
    MRT - Mountain Rescue Team
    MRU - Medical Rehabilitation Unit; or Mobile Radio Unit
    M&S - Modelling & Simulation
    MS - Master Seaman (Navy)
    MSE - Mobile Support Equipment
    MSFU - Merchant Ship Fighter Unit
    M/Sgt. - Master Sergeant(1st Grade) - US.
    Msl - Missile
    MSM - Mainstream Media
    MSR - Morse Slip Reader
    MSU - Mobile Signals Unit; or Maintenance Sub Unit
    MT - Mechanical Transport; or Motor Transport
    MTAP - Military Training Assistance Program
    MTBD - Mechanical Transport Base Unit
    MTD - Mechanical Transport Driver
    MTLRU - Mechanical Transport Light Repair Unit
    MTP - Main Teaching Point(s)
    MTO - Mechanical Transport Officer
    MTMA - Military Terminal Maneuvering Area
    MTRU - Motor Transport Repair Unit
    MTSS - Mechanical Transport Servicing Section
    MTU - Mosquito Training Unit
    MU - Maintenance Unit
    MUG - Mid Upper Gunner
    MvOr – Movement Order
    MWO - Master Warrant Officer
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    N/A - not applicable
    NA - North Africa
    NAAFI - Navy, Army, Air Force Institute
    NAI - Named Area of Interest
    NARD - Northern Aircraft Repair Depot
    NAS – Naval Air Station
    NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    Nav - Navigator
    Navaid - Navigational aid
    Navex - Navigation Exercise
    NAWW - Night All-weather Wing
    NBC - Nuclear Biological and Chemical
    NBCD - Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence
    NBCW - Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare
    NbW - NebelWerfer - Smoke (mist) launcher - multiple rocket artillery system - Ger.
    NCCIS - National Command and Control Information System
    NCdt - Naval Cadet
    NCIP - National Counter-Intelligence Program
    NCM – Non-Commissioned Members
    NCMGS - Non-Commissioned Member General Specification
    NCMPDS - Non-Commissioned Member Professional Development System
    NCO – Non-Commissioned Officer (ranks other than officer ranks above private)
    NCS - Northern Communication Squadron
    NCU - Night Conversion Unit
    NDA - National Defence Act
    NDCC - National Defence Command Centre
    NDHQ - National Defence Headquarters
    NDHQ Sec - National Defence Headquarters Secretariat
    NDMC - National Defence Medical Center (hospital)
    NDOC - National Defence Operations Centre
    NDSP - National Defence Security Policy
    N/E -Non Effective Used
    NEA - Non effective Airframe
    NEAF - Near East Air Force
    NEAFIS - North Eastern Air Flying Instructors School
    NEI - Netherlands East Indies
    NEO - New Entry Officer; or Non-combatant Evacuation Operations
    NES - Non-Effective Strength
    NFA - Non Forecasted Airlift
    NFD - No further Data
    NFDS/W/U - Night Fighter development Squadron/Wing/Unit
    NFF - Night Fighter Flight
    NFLS - Night Fighter Leaders School
    NFPA - National Fire Protection Association
    NFT - No further trace
    NFT - Night Flying Test
    NFTS - Night Fighter Training Squadron
    NGO – Non-Governmental Organization
    NIB - New In Box
    NI CF - Night Conversion Flight
    NIS - National Investigation Service
    NJG - Nachtjagdgeschwader - night fighter wing - Ger.
    NJTP - National Joint Training Plan
    NO - Nursing Officer
    NOIC - Naval Officer In Command
    NOK - Next of Kin
    NOTAM - Notice To Airmen
    NPF - Non Public Funds
    NPP - Non-Public Property
    NS – Naval Station or Naval Shipyard.
    NSCE - National Star Certification Exam
    NSDAP - Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei - National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party) - Ger.
    NSDU - Navigation synthetic Development Unit
    NSE - National Security Exception
    NSN - NATO Stock Number
    NSPTF - Navigators Staff Pilot Training Flight
    NSRD - Nova Scotia Regimental Depot
    NSSC - National Security Studies Course
    NT - No Trace
    NTB - Norwegian Training Base
    NTS – Naval Torpedo Station.
    NYK – Not Yet Known
    NTR – Nothing To Report
    NTS - (Night) Training Squadron
    NTU - Navigation Training Unit, Pathfinder Force; or No Take Up
    NVG - Night Vision Goggles
    NVITS - Night Vision Instructors Training School
    NVTS - Night Vision Training School
    NwAAF - North West African Air Forces
    NwAASC - North West African Air Service Command
    NwACAF - North West African Coastal Air Force
    NwASAF - North West African Strategic Air Forces
    NwATAF - North West African Tactical air Force
    NwATBF - North West African Training Bomber Force
    NwATC - North West African Training Command
    NYD - not yet determined
    NZF - New Zealand Flight
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    OADF/U - Overseas Aircraft Delivery Flight/Unit
    (O)AFU - Observers Advanced Flying Unit
    OANS - Observers Air Navigation School
    OAPU - Overseas Aircraft Preparation Unit
    OAR - Obusna Aeroplansva Radionica, (District Aviation Workshop)
    OATS - Officers Advanced Training School
    (O)ATU - Observers Advanced Training Unit
    OBE - Order of the British Empire
    Obgfr. - Obergefreiter - Lance Corporal (approx) - Ger.
    Oblt. - Oberleutnant
    Obs - Observation (USAAF)
    OBS - Observer School
    OBUA - Operations in Built Up Areas
    OC - Officer Commanding (usually of company sized unit, differentiated from CO (battalion/regt sized unit); or Officer Cadet
    OCdt - Officer Cadet
    OCIPEP - Office of Critical Infrastructure and Emergency Preparedness
    OCTU - Officer Cadet Training Unit
    OCU - Operational Conversion Unit
    OEU - Operational Evaluation Unit
    OFU - Overseas Ferry Unit
    O Group/O-Gp - Orders Group
    OGS - Officer General Specifications
    OIC - Officer in Charge; or Officer's Initial Course
    OJE - On Job Experience
    OKW - Oberkommando der Wehrmacht - High command of German armed forces - Ger.
    OMFC - Overseas Military Forces of Canada
    OMPF - Official Military Personnel File - US.
    OO - Orderly Officer
    OOB - Order of Battle (see Orbat)
    OOTW - Operations Other Than War
    OP - Observation Post; or Operation; Observation Party(artillery)
    Op – Operation; or Operator
    OPDP - Officer Professional Development Program
    OPI - Office of Primary Interest
    Opl - Operational
    OPME - Officer Professional Military Education
    Op O - Operation Order
    OPSEC - Operational Security
    Ops O - Operations Officer
    OPP - Operational Planning Process
    OPV - Offshore Patrol Vessel; or Observation Post Vehicle
    OR - Orderly Room; or Other Ranks (Often mistakenly taken to mean Ordinary Ranks);
    Orbat – Order of Battle
    ORB - Operations Record Book
    ORS - Operational Research Section
    ORTU - Operational & Refresher Training Unit
    ORV - Objective Rendezvous
    OS - Observers School; or Ordinary Seaman (Navy)
    OS(B) - Ordinary Seaman (Basic)
    OS(R) - Ordinary Seaman (Recruit)
    (O)SoAG - Observers School of Reconnaissance& Aerial Gunnery
    OSC - Officers Senior Course (for RAFVR (T) officers, conducted at ACTC)
    OSC - Overseas Staff College
    OSR&AP - Observers School of Reconnaissance& Aerial Gunnery
    OTS – Operational Training Squadron; or Operational Training School
    OStJ – Officer of the Order of St John - Can.
    OTSCU - Officer Training School Conversion Unit
    OTU - Operational Training Unit
    OTW - Operational Training Wing
    OUAS - Oxford University Air Squadron - UK.
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    P & A - Pay and Allowances
    PA - Public Affairs
    PACT - Pre Aircrew Training
    PAERS - Prospect Applicant Electronic Record System
    PAF - Polish Air Force
    PAFF O - Public Affairs Officer
    (P)AFU - Pilots Advanced Flying Unit
    PaK - Panzer Abwehr Kanone - Anti Tank Gun - Ger.
    PakSh. - PaK Schutze - AT gun (shooter) layer - ger.
    PAM - Publications And Manuals; pamphlet
    PAR - Precision Approach Radar
    P&S - Plaque and Scroll (Memorial)
    PAT - Personnel Awaiting Training
    PATP - Packed Aircraft Transit Pool
    PATS - Pre-Aircrew Training School
    Pax – Passengers
    PCCS - Protectorate Communication & Support Unit
    PCF - Primary Combat Function
    P&D's - Pipes and Drums
    PD - Packing Depot; or Professional Development
    PDC - Personnel Dispatch Centre; or Professional Development Council; or Port Defence Committee
    PDRC - Personnel Dispatch and Reception Centre
    PDS - Post Design Services; or Professional Development System
    PDU - Personnel Dispersal Unit; or Photographic Development Unit
    PEE - Proof & Experimental Establishment
    PEFTS - Polish Elementary Flying Training School
    PER - Personnel Evaluation Report
    PERMIS - Personnel Electronic Records Management Information System
    PERSEC - Personnel Security
    PES - Parachute Exercise Squadron
    PF - Practice Flight
    Pfc. - Private First Class(6th Grade) - US.
    PFF - Pathfinder Force
    PFFNTU - Pathfinder Force Navigational Training Unit
    PFS - Parachute Flying Section; or Primary Flying School
    PFTS - Polish Flying Training School
    PFU - Practice Flying Unit
    PGTF - Polish Grading & Testing Flight
    PGTS - Parachute& Glider Training School
    PHU - Personnel Holding Unit
    P Info - Public Information
    PI - Practice Interception
    PIB - Personal Information Bank
    Pi. - Pioniere - Combat Engineer - Ger.
    PIU - Photographic Intelligence Unit
    Pl - Platoon
    PLAR - Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition
    PLD - Post Living Differential
    PLF - Princess Louise Fusiliers
    PLQ - Primary Leadership Qualification
    PLS - Pallet Loading System
    P/M - Pipe Major
    PMC -Personnel Management Centre; or President of the Messing Committee.
    PMed - Preventive Medicine
    PMQ - Private Married Quarters
    P/O - Pilot Officer
    PO - Petty Officer (Naval Rank equal to Warrant Officer)
    PO - Performance Objective
    PO1 - Petty Officer 1st Class
    PO2 - Petty Officer 2nd Class
    POETS Day - Push Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday
    POL - Petroleum, Oil, Lubricants
    POM - Potential Officer Material; slang Briton (Aus.)
    POMV – Personally/Privately Owned Motor Vehicle
    PONTI - Slang - Personnel Of No Tactical Importance
    POR Personnel Occurrence Records
    POTU - Polish Operational Training Unit
    POW - Prisoner of War; or Privately Owned Weapon
    PP – Pilot Pupil
    PPCLI - Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
    PPE - Personal Protective Equipment
    PPF - Parachute Practice Flight; or Patrol Pathfinder
    PPI - Plan Position Indicator (Rotating radar display)
    PPP - Pupil Pilots Pool
    P Res - Primary Reserve
    PR - Photographic Reconnaissance
    PRB - Performance Review Board
    PRC - Personnel Reception Centre
    PRDU/E - Photographic Reconnaissance Development Unit/ Establishment
    Pres - The Primary Reserve
    PRETC - Post Recruit Education Training Centre
    PRFU/S - Pilots Refresher Flying Unit/School
    PRI – Physical Recreation Instructor
    PRTU - Pilot Refresher Training Unit
    PRRP - Pilots Reserve & Reinforcement Poll (Middle East)
    PSA - Personnel Support Agency
    PSEA - Public Service Employment Act
    PSHRMAC - Public Service Human Resources Management Agency of Canada
    PSI - President of the Services Institute
    PSLRA - Public Service Labour Relations Act
    PRU - Photographic Reconnaissance Unit/Pilot Replacement Unit; or Personnel Reception Unit
    PS - Parachute School
    PSO - Personnel Selection Officer
    PSP - Perforated/Pierced Steel Planking (for runways); or Personnel Support Program
    PSTC - Peace Support Training Centre
    PT - Physical Training
    PTC - Parachute Training Centre; or Personnel Transit Camp; or Personnel Transit Centre
    Pte - Private
    Pte(B) - Private (Basic)
    Pte(R) - Private (Recruit)
    Pte(T) - Private (Trained)
    PTF - Parachute Test Flight
    PTI - Physical Training Instructor
    PTO - Pacific Theater of Operations
    PTS - Parachute Training School/Squadron/ Section
    PTU - Parachute Test Unit/ Parachute Training Unit
    PTURP - Pilots Training Unit & Reinforcement Pool (see also TURP)
    PV - Positive Vetting
    Pvt. - Private (rank)
    PVTS - Positive Vetting (for) Top Secret
    PW - Perforating Wound
    PWF - Psychological Warfare Unit
    PWR - Personnel Warning Roster
    PWS - Protected Weapons Station (in Australia's Army)
    PzJgr - Panzer Jaeger - Tank Hunter (Tank Destroyer) - Ger.
    PzKpfw - panzerkampfwagen - armoured fighting vehicle (usually tank) - Ger.
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    QAIMNS - Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service
    QARANC - Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps
    QCS - Queen's Colour Squadron (RAF Regiment)
    QF - Queens Flight
    QFI - Qualified Flying Instructor
    QHNS - Queen's Honorary Nursing Sister Nurse
    QHN - Queen's Honorary Nurse
    QL - Qualification Level
    QM - Quartermaster
    QMG - Quartermaster General
    QMS - Quartermaster Sergeant
    QMSI - Quartermaster Sergeant Instructor (Warrant Officer Rank) - UK/Can.
    QOL - Quality of Life
    QOLPMO - Quality of Life Project Management Office
    QOLSRB - Quality of Life Senior Review Board
    QOR - Queen's Own Rifles of Canada
    QRs - Queen's Regulations
    QRD - Quebec Regimental Depot
    QR&O - Queen's Regulations and Orders
    QS - Qualification Standard
    QVJI - Queen Victoria's Jubilee Institute
    QYRANG - Queen's York Rangers
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    R22eR - Royal 22e Regiment
    (R) - Reserve
    R - Receiver
    RA - Royal Artillery (UK) - Retirement Age
    RAAF - Royal Australian Air Force; or Royal Auxiliary Air Force (UK)
    RACON - Radar beacon
    R&D - Research & Development
    RAdm/RADM - Rear-Admiral (naval rank), O-7 and O-8
    RAE - Royal Aircraft Establishment; or Royal Aerospace Establishment
    RAF - Royal Air Force (UK)
    RAF(B)ITS - Royal air Force (Belgium) Initial Training School
    RAFA - Royal Air Force Association
    RAFALO - Royal Air Force Association Liaison Officer
    RAFARS - Royal Air Force Amateur Radio Society
    RAFASU - RAF Armament Support Unit (formerly BCAS)
    RAFBF - RAF Benevolent Fund
    RAFC - Royal Air Force College
    RAFD – Royal Air Force Depot
    RAFFC - Royal Air Force Flying College
    RAFG - Royal Air Force Germany
    RAFM - Royal Air Force Mission
    RAFM - Royal Air Force Mesopotamia
    RAFMB - Royal Air Force Maintenance Base
    RAFMS - Royal Air Force Music Services
    RAFNI - Royal Air Force Northern Ireland
    RAFO - Reserve of Air Force Officers
    RAFRS - Royal Air Force Regiment School
    RAFSAA - RAF Small Arms Assn.
    RAFSC - Royal Air Force Staff College
    RAFSCOCF - Royal Air Force Staff College Overseas Communication Flight
    RAFTC - Royal Air Force Technical College
    RAFVR - Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
    RAN – Royal Australian Navy
    RAP - Reserve Aircraft Pool; or Regimental Aid Post; or Rocket Assisted Projectile; or Recognized Air Picture
    RAPDS - Recognized Air Picture Display System
    RAPO - Records And Pay Office
    RAS - Reserve Aeroplane School; or Rear Area Security; or Replenishment At Sea
    RAT Flt - Radio Aids Training Flight
    RATG - Rhodesian Air Training Group
    Rats - Rations
    RATW - Rhodesian Air Training Wing
    RAuxAF - Royal Auxiliary Air Force
    RBG - Reserve Brigade Group
    RC - Recruiting Centre ;radio controlled
    RCA – Royal Canadian Artillery
    RCAF – Royal Canadian Air Force
    RCAF(WD) – Royal Canadian Air Force (Womens Division)
    RCAC - Royal Canadian Armoured Corps; or Royal Canadian Army Cadets
    RCACA - Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Association
    RCAMC - Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps
    RCASC – Royal Canadian Army Service Corps
    RCASU - Radar Controlled Air Survey Unit
    RCC - Rescue Co-ordination Center
    RCCS - Royal Canadian Corps of Signals
    RCD - Royal Canadian Dragoons
    RCDC - Royal Canadian Dental Corps
    RCE - Royal Canadian Engineers
    RCEME - Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
    RCFS - Rhodesian Central Flying School
    RCGIS - Reserve Command Gliding Instructors School
    RCHA – Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
    RCIFF - Reserve Command Intensive Flying Flight
    RCITF - Reserve Command Instrument Training Flight
    RCL - Recoilless (weapon)
    RCM Sqn Flt - Radio Counter Measures Squadron Flight
    RCMP – Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    RCN – Royal Canadian Navy
    RCOC - Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps
    RCR – Royal Canadian Regiment
    RCTF - Reserve Command Training Flight
    RCZ – Rear Combat Zone
    RDA – Records Disposition Authority
    RDAF - Royal Danish Air Force
    RDAO - Regional Departmental Accounting Office
    RDF - Radio Direction Finder
    RDFCF - Radio Direction Finding Calibration Flight
    RDFS - Radio Direction Finding School
    RDU - Radar Development Unit
    RDUK - Repairable at Depot in UK
    REAF - Royal Egyptian Air Force
    RECCE/Recce – Reconnaissance
    Recon – Reconnaissance - US
    REU - Radio Engineering Unit
    Revd - Reverend; reversed; revised
    Reg - contraction for "Regular" and "Regular Force"; Regulation
    RETP - Reserve Entry Training Program
    RFC - Royal Flying Corps
    RFF - Refresher Flying Flight
    RFS - Reserve Flying School
    Rft - Reinforcement
    RFTS - Refresher Flying Training School
    RFU - Refresher Flying Unit
    R/G - Rear Gunner
    Rgmt. - Regiment - Ger.
    RHAF - Royal Hellenic Air Force
    RHLI - Royal Hamilton Light Infantry - Can.
    RHQ - Regimental Headquarters
    RIAF - Royal Indian Air Force
    RIIP - Reserve Integrated Information Project
    RIMU - Radio Installation Maintenance Unit
    RiSh. - RichtSchützen - Ger.
    RJDF - Rapid Joint Deployment Force
    RK - RitterKreuz - Knight's Cross - Ger.
    RLF - Rapid Landing Flight
    RLG - Relief Landing Ground
    RM - Royal Marine (UK)
    RMA - Royal Military Academy or Rear Maintenance Area; or Revolution in Military Affairs
    RMAF - Royal Malaysian Air Force
    RMC - Royal Military College
    RMF - Radar (Radio) Meteorological Flight
    RMP - Royal Military Police ; or Recognized Maritime Picture
    RM RANG - Rocky Mountain Rangers
    RMS - Royal Mail Ship
    RMU - Radio Maintenance Unit
    RN - Royal Navy (UK); or Radiation and Nuclear;Registered Nurse
    RNAF - Royal Norwegian Air Force
    RNAS - Royal Naval Air Station/Service; or Royal Norwegian Air Service (RNoAS)
    RNAW - Radar Navigation Aids Wing
    RNBR - The Royal New Brunswick Regiment
    RNCU - Radar Navigation Conversion Unit
    RNEFTS - Royal Navy Elementary Flying Training School
    RNethAF - Royal Netherlands Air Force
    RNFS - (Royal Naval Fighter Squadron
    RNZAF - Royal New Zealand Air Force
    ROC - Royal Observer Corps
    ROE - Rules of Engagement
    ROS - Repairable on Site
    ROTA - Release Other Than Attack
    ROTC – Reserve Officer Training Corps
    ROTP - Regular Officer Training Plan; or Reserve Officer Training Program
    ROWPU – Reverse-Osmosis Water Purification Unit
    RP - Regimental Police
    RPAF - Royal Pakistan Air Force
    RPzB - Raketenpanzerbüsche - Rocket Anti tank weapon (bazooka etc.) - Ger.
    RPDS - Radar Photographic Display System
    RPG – Rocket Propelled Grenade; or Rounds per gun
    R&Q - Rations and Quarters
    RQMS - Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant
    RRC - Royal Red Cross
    RRE - Radar Research Establishment
    RRF(U) - Radio Reconnaissance Flight (Unit)
    RRFU - Radar Research Flight
    RRH - Remote Radar Head
    RRR - Royal Regina Rifles
    RRU - Raid Reporting Unit
    RS - Radio School; or Reserve School; or Reserve Squadron
    RSM - Regimental Sergeant Major
    RSP – Red Spot Flares/Fires (?)
    RS&RE - Royal Signals & Radar Establishment
    R&SS - Repair & Salvage Section
    R&SU - Repair & Salvage Unit
    RSS - Radio Servicing Section
    RSO - Range Safety Officer; or Range Standing Orders
    RSS - Reg F Support Staff
    RSU - Repair & Servicing Unit; or Repair & Salvage Unit
    R/T - Radio Telephony
    RTB - Return To Base
    RTC – Returned To Corps
    RTD - Return To Depot; retired
    RTM - Ready To Move
    RTO - Rail Transport Officer ;Radio Telegraphy Officer
    RTP - Recruit Training Pool
    Rttm. - Rittmeister - Cavalry Captain - Ger.
    RTU - Return To Unit
    RU - Reception Unit; or Repair Unit
    RV – Rendezvous, Radio vehicle
    RW - Receiving Wing; or Recorded Warning
    RWE - Radio Warfare Establishment
    RWS - Remote Weapons Station (Aus.)
    RYAFTU - Royal Yugoslav Air Force Technical Unit
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    SAA - Small Arms Assn.; or Small Arms Ammunition
    SAAF - South African air Force
    SAC - Senior Aircraftman
    SACEUR - Supreme Allied Commander Europe
    SADO - Senior Administrative Officer
    SAFU - South Atlantic Ferry Unit
    SAM - Surface to Air Missile
    SAN - School of Air? Navigation
    SAOEU - Strike Aircraft Operational Evaluation Unit
    SAP - School of Air Pilotage
    SAPI - Semi Armour Piercing Incendiary
    SAR - Search & Rescue
    SAR tech - Search And Rescue Technician
    SARD - Southern Aircraft Repair Depot
    SARTU/S - Search and Rescue Training Unit/Squadron
    SAS - Special Air Service (UK special forces);Servicing Aircraft Section; or Situational Awareness System
    SASO - Senior Air Staff Officer; or Stability & Support Ops
    SATCO - Senior Air Traffic Controller
    SAV - Staff Assistance Visit
    SBA - Standard Beam Approach
    S-Boot - Schnellboot - Fast Torpedo/gunboat - Ger.
    S/C Sergeant-Chef - Senior Sergeant/Staff Sergeant - Fr.
    SC - Salvage Centre; or Strike Command
    SCAN - Second Career Assistance Network Program
    SCBS - Strike Command Bombing School
    SCCS - Strike Command Communication Squadron
    SCDU - Strike Command Development Unit
    SCF - Squadron Conversion Flight
    SCONDVA - Standing Committee on National Defence and Veterans Affairs
    SCR - School of Control & Reporting; or Signal Corps Radio
    SCRR - Special Commission on the Restructuring of the Reserves
    SCS - Southern Communication Squadron/Special Communication Squadron
    SD - Special Duty/Special Duties; or Stores Depot
    SD155. - Operational Memorandum
    SDF - Special Duties Flight
    Sdkfz - sonderkraftwagen - special purpose vehicle (used for almost all military vehicles ) - Ger.
    SD(R)DU - Special Duties (Radio) Development Unit
    SDR – Strategic Defence Review
    SDU - Signals Development Unit
    SEAAC - South East Asia Air Command
    SEAC - South East Asia Command
    SEACF - South Eastern Area Communication Flight
    SEAFIS - South Eastern Area Flying Instructors School
    SEASI - South Eastern Area School of Instruction
    SECO - Synthetic Environment Coordination Office
    SEF - Special Experimental Flight; or Siberian Expeditionary Force
    SEMO - Self Evident Military Objective
    SEP - Special Erection Party (Gibraltar)
    SEngO - Senior Engineering Officer; or Station Engineering Officer
    SEs - Synthetic Environments
    SF - Station Flight; or Special Forces
    SFC - School of Flying Control
    SFCS - Squadron & Flight Commanders School
    SFF - Service Ferry Flight; or Special Forces Flight
    (S)FPP - (Service) Ferry Pilots Pool
    SFT - School of Flying Training
    SFTS - Service Flying Training School
    SFU - Signal Flying Unit
    SGR - School of General Reconnaissance
    SGR&AN(I) - School of General Reconnaissance & Air Navigation (India)
    Sgt - Sergeant
    SHAEF - Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force
    SHAPE -Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
    SHARP - Standard for Harassment and Racism Prevention
    SHINCOM - Shipboard Integrated Communications
    SHLVW - Super Heavy Logistic Vehicle Wheeled
    SHofC - Seaforth Highlanders of Canada
    SHQ - Station Head Quarters; Squadron HQ
    SHRMC - Strategic Human Resource Management Council
    SIB -Special Investigation Branch
    SIF - Special Instruction Flight
    SIF/U - Special Installation Flight/Unit
    Sig – Signalman; Signal
    SIGINT - Signals Intelligence
    Sigs - Signals
    SIR - Significant Incident Report
    SIS - Secret Intelligence Service
    SISIP - Service Income Security Insurance Plan
    Sit –Situation
    SitRep -Situation Report
    SITF - Station Instrument Training Flight
    SIU - Signals Intelligence Unit ; or Special Investigation Unit
    SIV - Staff Inspection Visits
    S/L or S/Ldr - Squadron Leader
    SL - Sick leave
    SLAIS - Specialized Low Attack Instructors School
    SLAW - School of Land/Air Warfare
    SLC - Search-Light Control
    SLR - Self Loading Rifle
    SLt - Sub-Lieutenant
    SLT - Second Language Training
    SME - Subject Matter Expert
    SMG - Sub Machine Gun
    SMP - Standard Military Pattern
    SMR - School of Maritime Reconnaissance
    SN-2 - German Night Fighter Radar
    SNC - School of Naval Cooperation
    SNCO - Senior Non Commissioned Officer (Sergeant and above)
    S of AN - School of Air Navigation
    SofRT - School of Recruit Training
    S of TT - or STT -School of Technical Training
    SoAC - School of Army Co-operation
    SoAF - School of Air Fighting
    SoAF&G - School of Air Fighting and Gunnery
    SOAF&BD - School of Air Fighting & Bomb Dropping
    SoAFTT(I) - School of Air Force Technical Training (India)
    SoAG - School of Air Gunnery
    SoAN&BD - School of Aerial Navigation & Bomb Dropping
    SoASR - School of Air Sea Rescue
    SoAS - School of Air Navigation
    SoAT - School of Air Transport
    SoATC - School of Air Traffic Control
    SOC - Struck off Charge; or Sector Operations Control
    SOE - Special Operations executive
    SOF - Special Operations Flight
    SoFP - School of Fighter Plotting
    SofP - School of Photography
    SOG - Special Operations Group
    Soi - School of Instruction
    SOIC – Senior Officer In Command
    SoMA - School of Military Aeronautics
    SoN&BD - School of Navigation & Bomb Dropping
    Sonar – SOund Navigation And Ranging.
    SoNC&AN - School of Naval Cooperation & Aerial Navigation
    SOP - Standard Operating Procedure
    SoPT - School of Parachute Training
    SORD - Strategic Operations and Resource Direction
    SOS - Struck off strength (of a unit); or Save Our Souls
    SoSF - School of Special Flying
    SoWT - School of Wireless Telephony
    Sp - Support
    SP - Staging Post; or Service Police; or Self Propelled; or Start Point
    Spr – Sapper (lowest enlisted rank in UK/Canadian Engineers) also general term for Combat Engineer
    SPSS - Spare Parts Supply Section
    SPTU - Staff Pilots Training Unit
    SQ - Soldier Qualification Course
    Sq/Sqn/Sqd - Squadron
    SQFT - Secteur du Québec de la Force terrestre
    SR - Strategic Reconnaissance
    SRAF - Southern Rhodesian Air Force
    SRCU - Short Range Conversion Unit
    SRF - School of Refresher Flying; or Sea Rescue Flight; or Search& Rescue Flight
    SROs - Station Routine Orders
    SRTS - Short Range Transport Squadron
    SRTU - Survival& Rescue Training Unit
    SRU - Strategic Reconnaissance Unit
    SRW - Strategic Reconnaissance Wing
    S/S - Staff Sergeant
    S/Sgt. - Staff Sergeant
    SS - SchutzStaffel - Protection Squadron - armed wing of Nazi Party - Ger.
    SS - Signals School; or Salvage Section; or Steamship
    SSC - Senior Supervisor's Course
    SSK - Long Range Diesel Patrol Submarine
    SSF - Special Service Flight; or Special Survey Flight
    SSgt - Staff Sergeant - UK
    SSM - Squadron Sergeant Major; or Surface to Surface Missile
    SSOs - Station Standing Orders
    SSQ - Station Sick Quarters
    SSTT - Supplementary School of Technical Training
    SSU - Sentry Standards Unit
    SSVAF - Straight Settlement Volunteer Air Force
    SSVC - Services Sound and Vision Corporation
    STANAG - NATO Standardization Agreements
    STDU - Synthetic Training Development Unit; or Special Torpedo Development Unit
    STF - Seaplane Training Flight; or Special Training Flight
    StFw. - Stabsfeldwebel - Staff Sergeant - Ger.
    StGefr. - Stabsgefreiter - Staff Corporal - Ger.
    STOL - Short Take Off and Landing
    Stn - Station
    STS - Seaplane Training Squadron; or Special Transport Flight
    STT - School of Technical Training
    S&TT - Station & Target Towing
    Sttrfuh - Stosstruppfuhrer - Ger.
    Stubafuh - Sturmbannfuhrer - Ger.
    StuG - Sturmgeschütz - Assault Gun (self-propelled) - Ger.
    SU - Support Unit; or Servicing Unit
    Supp Res - Supplementary Reserve
    Supy - Supernumerary
    Svc - Service
    SVC BN - Service Battalion
    Svcs - Services
    SW – Shrapnel (Shell) Wound
    SWAFIS - South Western Areas Flying Instructors School
    SWTS - Supplementary Wireless Telegraphy School
    SWO - Station Warrant Officer
    SWUAS - South Wales University Air Squadron
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