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AFV Bibliography: M3 Half-Track and variants

Discussion in 'The Library' started by Skua, Nov 8, 2007.

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    - 'M3 Infantry Half-Track 1940-1973', Steven J. Zaloga. New Vanguard 11. 46 pages, b&w photos, 8 pages of colour plates. The usual New Vanguard blend of combat and development history which gives a good broad approach, but leaves much to be desired in details.

    - 'US Half-Tracks M2-M3-M5-M9', Terry J. Gander. Military Vehicles in Detail 3. 92 pages, diagrams, photos in b&w and colour. The focus in this book is on description and development, and has plenty of excellent photos useful for the modeller and a joy for the enthusiast. Recommended.

    - 'M3 Half-Track', Don Greer. Armor in Action 34. 48 pages, diagrams, b&w photos, 2 pages of colour profiles. Typical 'In Action' book. Lots of photos and diagrams, but not so much text. Still useful, perhaps more for the modeller than the historian, but it shows the distinguishing features of the different variants in a very accessible way.

    - 'British and American Tanks of World War Two', Peter Chamberlain and Chris Ellis. Short introduction to the different variants given on pages 185 to 194.

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