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Fleet Air Arm, Simonstown, November 1942

Discussion in 'Surface and Air Forces' started by Bart150, Oct 5, 2016.

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    I’m researching the cases of two men, John Own Francis Hughes and Eric Hector Shepherd. They were in the Fleet Air Arm at HMS Afrikander I, ie Simonstown. Both were reported missing on 4/11/1942, and assumed dead in July 1943.

    It’s probably too much to hope to gain detail about these specific cases, but maybe you can help me firm up my assessment of what their most likely fate was.

    I suppose they were most probably together in the same two-seater aircraft on patrol over the South Atlantic looking for U-boats. I don’t know what type of plane that would be. Their plane must have been lost through technical faults or severe weather conditions or enemy action. I don’t know which of these would be more likely. I suppose, though I may be wrong, that they were more likely to meet a U-boat than any other kind of enemy forces.

    Any help in filling in such details – even if only on a probabilistic basic – would be much appreciated.

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