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FZG-76 Missile

Discussion in 'German Heavy Weapons' started by Jim, Nov 14, 2007.

  1. Jim

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    Sep 1, 2006
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    F1-103A-1, Flak Regiment 155(W)Summer 1944

    Many of the FZG-76 missiles used in the summer of 1944 had a very motley finish as little care was taken in applying paint on a cheap, expendable weapon. In addition the missile was assembled from components coming from different plants, so the camouflage schemes on the all the parts did not match. The base colour was the usual RLM 65 light blue over which RLM 71 dark green was sprayed in irregular patterns. The wing and tail surfaces as well as the spine of the engine tended to have a more solid finish of dark green. Missiles with Trialen enhanced blast warheads sometimes had a large red X painted on either side of the warhead casino as seen below.



    1 Air Pilot Propeller
    2 Magnetic Guidance Compass
    3 Belly impact fuse
    4 Main warhead exploder tube
    5 Warhead explosive filling
    6 Reinforcement support for launch rail
    7 Main wing spar
    8 Stamped metal wing reinforcing rib
    9 Forward compressed air bottle
    10 Rear compressed air bottle
    11 Fuel flow control
    12 Electrical battery
    13 Flight control
    14 Askania gyro flight control box
    15 FUG-23 radio transmitter
    16 Control surface servos
    17 Trailing FuG-23 radio antenna
    18 Rudder
    19 Rear pulse-jet engine yoke
    20 Argun As-109-014 pulse-jet engine
    21 Engine ignition spark plug
    22 Venturi assembly
    23 Engine shutter assembly
    24 Forward engine support yoke
    25 Pilot tube
    26 Fuel tank
    27 Center lifting lug
    28 Fuel filler cap
    29 Rear Z80A fuse pocket
    30 Forward Z80A fuse pocket
  2. Jim

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    Sep 1, 2006
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    Fuselage length: 21ft 10inch (6.65m)
    Overall length: 25ft 4inch (7.73m)
    Fuselage diameter. 2ft 8in. (0.825m)
    Wingspan: 17ft 6inch (5.33m)
    Launch weight: 4.8581bs (2.200kg)
    Fuel: 160 US Gallons (610 litres) E-1 Aviation Fluid
    Warhead: 1870Ibs (850kg) Amatol high explosive, redundant impact fuses
    Guidance: Askania pre-set autopilot with gyro inertial platform and magnetic compass
    Engine: Argus 109-014 pulse-jet, max thrust 310kg at 1,000m at 700km/hr
    Max cruise speed: 415mph at 4.500ft (670km/hr at 1,375m)
    Maximum range: 125-130 miles (200-210km)
    Rate of fire: 72 launches per day maximum; about 3 per day actual rate in 1944
    Accuracy (ground-launched): Circular error probability of 8 miles (13km)

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    Oct 15, 2012
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    Powerful weapon of the army. The most impressive feature was its speed which is about 650km/h at the time of WW2, that was quite nice.

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