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German Pilot Shot Down Over Caen

Discussion in 'Champigny-St-André War Cemetery' started by Jim, Dec 1, 2010.

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    Paul Riessbeck, aged 20 was a pilot and on duty in the Caen area to intercept enemy planes. On 23rd July 1944 his plane, an ME 109 was damaged and he attempted to land in a clearing not far from Chatellier. Just before his aircraft crashed in flames, Paul Riessbeck jumped. A countryman, who saw it happen, took the airman home but could do nothing. Paul Riessbeck was buried by his comrades near the Church at Chatellier.


    In December 1946, his father wrote to the Cure of Chatellier, asking for details about his son's grave. The cure replied as follows:

    "Monsieur, I am, with great regret, unable to give you any information about your son, Paul Riessbeck, I can only confirm that his grave was near the Church until Easter 1945. If memory serves, I believe his name was on one of the crosses. Since Easter 1945 however the body of your son is no longer at Chatellier. At that time, two Americans came and exhumed it, with two of his comrades, buried by his side. On receiving your letter I immediately made further enquiries to find out to where the mortal remains had been transferred, but I have had no answers to my questions. I think that to find where your son's grave is now, you should write to the American

    Graves Service who are the only people who know. They have laid-out a cemetery, but where? I do not know."

    The American War Graves Commission informed Paul Riessbeck's father that his son had been transferred at Easter 1945 to the War Cemetery at Charnpigny-St-Andre. Paul's brother, Arthur, still visits regularly: grave 1483 in block N° 3.

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