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Great Fighting Machines of WW II Allied-Axis Tanks

Discussion in 'WWII Films & TV' started by belasar, May 4, 2018.

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    These two videos complete the GFM of WW II mega set and offer pretty much the same virtues and flaws present in the other. One notable point is that the title card in each video uses the term 'Armor' rather than 'Tanks' which is actually more correct since each video includes Half-Tracks, Armored Cars, and Self-Propelled Guns of many types. As with the others, image quality ranges from quite good to rather murky and scratchy. Also as with the previous videos, quirky inclusions and omissions affect the final product.

    First up is Allied Tanks/Armor and for the first time includes French equipment. Sadly content is all too brief and basically limited to two of three common mediums tanks. Russian vehicles are also underrepresented in favor on concentrating on the well known T-34/76. Coverage of British armor is quite extensive, sometimes too extensive. A rather large hunk of time is devoted to the Covenanter which is well covered for a tank with no appreciable combat record while the superb Comet is never mentioned. British Armored and scout vehicles are well covered, while American designs are ignored. The M 10 Tank Destroyer is highlighted, while the much superior M 18 and M 36 do not make the cut. The LVT and DUKW are included but some how this leads to a discussion of allied landing craft and ships.

    Axis Tanks/Armor is much the same, though for the first time Japanese vehicles are pretty well discussed, though it helps that they had very little to begin with compared to the other combatants. Italian designs get pretty decent coverage, though nearly all footage is of trials rather than actual combat. Content on German types range from good to excellent though I suspect the inclusion of Prime-Movers was done because they were Half-Tracks. For some reason towed and hand held Anti-Tank weapons get a fair amount of air time where Allied designs do not. More could have been done distinguishing the difference between Panzer-Jeager and Jagd-Panzer types.

    Taking all six videos as a whole they are a uneven group. Sometimes quite good, yet often uneven and on occasion filled with inaccurate data.
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