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HMS Vanguard

Discussion in 'Britain at Sea!' started by Jim, Dec 28, 2010.

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    HMS Vanguard was a "Fully Armoured Battlecruiser" of the Royal Navy. At the time she was said to have been the greatest battleship yet built in the British Isles. Press realeases atthe time stated that her ultra modern equipment would include "Electric Eyes" a british invention capable of piercing the thickest fog and darkness and detecting the enemy's position, speed, and course. Vanguard was used in training exercises with NATO forces in the 1950s and as a training ship until the late 60's.

    At the time of the launch, the ships name, type and class were not disclosed for security reasons.


    HMS Vanguard seen after her launch on November 30th 1944, watched by the shipyard workers who built her.


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