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Karl Arndt

Discussion in 'Who Was Who Of Germany In WWII' started by Jim, Oct 1, 2010.

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    Born at Gross-Kauen in Silesia on 10 March 1892, Karl Arndt began his military career as a private in 1908. He fought in the 1914-18 war in Inf.Rgt. 46. In 1917, he was a deputy officer and rose to the rank of Leutnant in 1918. He was taken prisoner by the British in September 1918 and released in March of the following year. In September 1939, he commanded an infantry battalion, with the rank of Oberstleutnant. Promoted to Oberst on 20 October 1940, he took command of Inf. Rgt. 511. As commanding officer of 293. Inf. Div. (10 January 1943), he rose to the rank of Generalmajor on 10 March 1943, then Generalleutnant on 8 November 1943. He went on to command 359. Inf.Div. (20 November 1943) then, at the same time, LIX. A.K. (17 January 1945). He took over command of XXXIX. Pz.K. on 25 April 1945. He was taken prisoner by the Americans on 8 May 1945, and released on 5 July 1947. He died at Balve-Langenholthausen on 30 December 1981. Awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross (23 January 1942) with Oak Leaves (1 February 1945) and the German Cross in Gold (2 July 1944).


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