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Longues-sur-Mer After The Battle

Discussion in 'Longues-sur-Mer' started by Jim, Sep 6, 2010.

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    Aerial pictures taken of the Longues-sur-Mer Battery after the invasion of Normandy showing the craters made by many bombing sorties of the Allied forces. 12 squadrons of B-17's each carrying twelve 500lb and two 1000lb pounded longues just before the invasion yet only superficial damage was done to the bunkers. All the amunition vaults in each bunker was found well stocked showing that they were ready for a long battle if needed.


    These two images show the control bunker at the edge of the cliff. Taking a closer look you can see that the bottom of the bunker is lower than the earth in front, so it was impossible to have a line of vision out to sea from this part of the bunker. It was dug away during the making of the movie "The Longest Day" so action shots from inside the bunker showed the actors looking out to sea ... You can also see the mortar Tobruk to the Right of the control bunker in the lower image.


    You can see the many shells thrown outside of this bunker that was fired on the morning of the invasion. These could be the shells that were fired on the French cruiser Georges Leygues and then of the American battleship Arkansas at the very begining of the invasion.


    This picture shows Allied soldiers having a good look around the bunker and the Gun. To the right you can see a few shells showing that this gun also fired off a few rounds before being silenced. The soldier at the front looks as thou he is stood in a crater showing how close the Allies had come to a direct hit.


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