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Major-General Robert 'Roy' Urquhart

Discussion in 'Operation Market Garden' started by Jim, Aug 25, 2010.

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    Major-General Robert 'Roy' Urquhart was born in 1901, the son of a doctor. He passed out from Sandhurst in 1920 and, in the early days of war, held a succession of staff appointments, culminating in the post of commander of the 231st Infantry Brigade. In January 1944, back in Britain, Urquhart was put in command of 1st Airborne Division. He was not made entirely welcome at first, the airborne troops being suspicious of a commander plucked from the infantry arm. Urquhart's tendency to air sickness and total inexperience of both parachuting and gliding did not assist his cause. But he approached his duties with an assured attitude, showed a willingness to learn and treated his soldiers with a respect and sensitivity which won him the devotion of his men and the confidence of his officers.

    Urquhart outside his HQ at the Hartenstein Hotel.



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