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Maximilian de Angelis

Discussion in 'Who Was Who Of Germany In WWII' started by Jim, Jun 15, 2008.

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    Born on 2nd October 1889 in Budapest, Maximilian de Angelis was an Oberleutnant in the artillery in 1910 and ended the 1914-18 war as a Hauptmann. He pursued his career in the Austrian army, rising to the rank of Oberst on 28th June 1933. Promoted to Generalmajor on 15th March 1938 then Generalleutnant on 1st June 1940 and General der Artillerie on 1st March 1942. During the war, he commanded 76.lnf.Div. from 1st September 1939, then XXXXIV. A.K. from 26 January 1942. He is then again in command of 6th.Armee from 22nd November to19th December 1943 and 8th April 1944 to 17th July 1944 then 2. Panzer-Armee from 18th July 1944. He kept this command until the end of the war. Sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by the Yugoslav authorities and to 25 years by the Soviet authorities, he was released on 11th October 1955. He died at Graz in Austria on 6 December 1974. Awarded the Knight's Cross of the IronCross on 9th February 1942 with Oak Leaves on 12th November 1943.


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