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New Story/Book SciFi WW2

Discussion in 'What If - European Theater - Eastern Front & Balka' started by HESH, Oct 28, 2020.

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    Hmmm...frigates aren’t cargo ships...very rare for ships to collide, they have plenty of room...why would there be one power station? And one source of power? Suddenly more power stations ‘mainframe for all power’...given where we are going with our weather, a natural disaster would be more likely a reason for a power failure...Fukushima an example. (EMPs can damage power supply...2 or 3 atmospheric nuclear explosions could conceivably wipe out power to Europe) Most important facilities also carry there own back up generators...we have a a massive diesel Genny at our work should the power go, we are an essential service and need to remain ‘online’.
    All fiction must ‘suspend disbelief’ any mistakes and you break that spell and the reader or watcher suddenly realises this is BS...everything must seem to be plausible...
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