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Night Witches - Russian female combat pilots of 46th Night Bombers Guards Regiment

Discussion in 'Eastern Europe February 1943 to End of War' started by PzJgr, Nov 3, 2009.

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    One spring day in 1943 junior lieutenants Tamara Pamyatnykh and Raisa Surnachevskaya were on a patrol flight when they saw 42 German bombers. Diving with the sun behind them, the women fired the Junkers formation. Both downed two planes. Tamara ran out of ammo and planned to ram another bomber with her airplane, but her wing was shot off. She bailed out, landing in a field. Civilians rushed over to help: "They undid the parachute straps and offered me a glass of vodka, which I refused. Nobody couldn't understand why the brave lad who had taken on a Nazi squadron wouldn't drink vodka." Then Tamara took off her helmet and the amazed crowd saw the dashing aviator was a woman.

    BBC World Service - Documentaries - Night Witches
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    I do believe that the night witches although more propaganda than anything were pretty much wiped out to extinction. A brave lot of women the LW NF force faced them numerous times on the ost front, a real prob trying to slow down and catch the women in their uncanny bi-planes, typically the heavier Luftwaffe crates overshot

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