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Panther Pillbox

Discussion in 'German Heavy Weapons' started by Jim, Jun 23, 2008.

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    One noteworthy invention in the Panzerwaffe’s arsenal in the last year of the war was the “Panther pillbox”, i.e., a PzKpfw V turret converted into a fortification or pillbox. This photo shows preparations being made to build a concrete fortification beneath a Panther’s turret. These turrets were often taken from damaged or destroyed tanks, especially older ones.


    A dug in Panther defends a main street in Berlin. Usually damaged Panthers were sent back to Germany were they were used to defend the capital.


    This view of the same dug-in Panther. Note how the rubble was deliberately placed around the Panther to protect it and reducing its vulnerability and making it a less conspicuous target.


    This Panther pillbox received several hits that destroyed the turret. Note that it was buried deeper in the ground than the other pillboxes above, and its cupola was separated from the turret, also the throngs of German POWs in the background.


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