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schmeisser MP40 SMG

Discussion in 'World War 2 Hobbies' started by aquist, Jul 3, 2004.

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    Aug 22, 2003
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    got a marushin MP 40 its metal and looks real, I got it from Sportsmans guide on the 4pay plan, that means you can buy expensive items on a 4 payment plan over 4 months. Now I need to buy a mp40 sling and a magazine pouch both available reasonably from IMA international Military antiques. in New Jersey btw they always have an ad in shotgun news with a lot of semi humorous charicatures of soldiers in amusing situations. technicaly I have enough arms to equip a small unit of German soldiers including several riflemen and two smgs equipped ncos. one mp40 and a dewat mp38/44 Beretta 9 mm smg. plus I could use my blanks only firing p.38 pistol.

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