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Stalingrad Survivors

Discussion in 'Eastern Europe February 1943 to End of War' started by Yaldy, Feb 14, 2013.

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    The problem is this; Yes, there are remarkable amounts of records and documentation of the German effort, in German language, in Germany, in spite of the massive destruction wreacked upon Germany by the Allied Airforces.

    But this information is in detail and piecemeal. if you want to understand and discuss the grand scope, it is better to read those summaries provided by authors such as Tooze. Or prepare to spend many long years searching and reading original documents.

    Axis History forum is indeed an excellent source of material concerning railroads.

    WRT the fleet effort; it wasn't. It was postponed, and then scuttled before it ever really got underway. Why? Because Germany did not have enough steel, enough shipbuilders, and enough sailors to man them, in order to build the warships it wanted, when it didn't have enough panzers to defeat Russia. The further into the war it got, the more distant a grand fleet became.

    "Since the plan was cancelled less than a year after it was approved, the positive effects on German naval construction were minimal. All of the ships authorized by the plan were cancelled after the outbreak of war, with only a few major surface vessels that predated the plan were completed during the conflict. "​

    Consider "Scharnhorst" launched in 1936 (3 years prior); it displaced 32,100 tonnes. One 750 tonne turret alone would suffice to make roughly 30 panzer III's or panzer IV's. Now imagine a navy with 10 Battleships, and 4 aircraft carriers. It was never going to happen while the USSR stood at the back door to Berlin.
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