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Swedish 'Neutrality'

Discussion in 'War44 General Forums' started by Jim, Nov 5, 2006.

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    Great Britain, faced with a legitimate grievance, has protested to the Swedish Government against the latter's decision to allow German troops and war materials to be transported across her territory. Bearing in mind Sweden's refusal to allow Allied forces passage to Finland, the inconsistency seems particularly glaring.
    On April 12, following the invasion of Norway, Herr Hansson, Prime Minister, stated his country's foreign policy: "Sweden is determined to observe her principle of strict neutrality. This means that she reserves the rights of independent judgement. It is not in accordance with strict neutrality to allow any scope for foreign enterprise." But early in July these brave words were ignored, and, trying to justify the concession to Hitler, Herr Hansson explained: "While hostilities were going on in Norway transit was subject to restrictions and requests for the delivery of arms and munitions to either party was rejected. The situation is now different. It is evident that we can not disregard developments which have entailed the occupation, entirely or partly, of seven countries and the signing of an armistice in France. In Swedens eyes, might evidently makes all things right.

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