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The Stroop Report

Discussion in 'Eastern Europe February 1943 to End of War' started by GRW, Nov 22, 2012.

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    The Nazis really enjoyed producing incriminating evidence. :rolleyes:
    "In May 1944, an official document was prepared by Jürgen Stroop detailing the suppression of the Warsaw Uprising. The 75-page report was put together for the benefit of Heinrich Himmler and assembled as if it were a souvenir album. The contents of the report, despite the design, contained images of a stricken city razed to the ground and the civilian population of the Warsaw Ghetto being led to deportation points and on to their deaths.
    Originally titled ‘The Jewish Quarter of Warsaw is no more!’, what came to be known simply as ‘The Stroop Report’ was commissioned by Friedrich-Wilhelm Krüger, the Higher SS and Police Leader in Krakow, whom Himmler had promoted because of his ambition and loyalty. The SS, with Krüger in charge, had been responsible for the liquidation of the ghetto. He had become the most powerful man in occupied Poland, and, almost as if it were a little in-joke between the two Nazi officials, a sort of thank-you for the promotion, Krüger arranged for the dossier to be presented in this way.
    In appearance it was bound in black pebble leather, typed, and accompanied by over 50 photographs all with hand-written captions in a Gothic Sütterlin script. It was split into three sections: an introduction and summary of SS operations; a collection of all daily communiqués sent to Krüger; and the series of photographs.
    Three distinct copies were made, an album each for Himmler, Krüger, and Stroop. All three copies were recovered after the war and are currently located at the National Archives in Washington DC, the Bundesarchiv in Koblenz, and the Institute of National Remembrance in Warsaw. At the Nuremburg Trials, one copy was brought forward as evidence. It was described by the assistant prosecutor dealing with the persecution of the Jews as ‘the finest example of ornate German craftsmanship, leather bound, profusely illustrated, typed on heavy bond paper … the almost unbelievable recital of the proud accomplishment by Major-General of Police Stroop.’"
    BEHIND THE IMAGE – ‘Forcibly Pulled Out of Dug-outs
    The Stroop Report: The Warsaw Ghetto Is No More
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    Most interesting Gordon!
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    A good example of the arrogance of power. It wasn't a bad idea until they lost the war. :rolleyes:

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