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The War in the Desert TV Documentery Series

Discussion in 'North Africa: Western Desert Campaigns 1940 to Ope' started by Fred Wilson, May 16, 2014.

  1. Fred Wilson

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    Sep 19, 2007
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    The War in the Desert TV Documentary Series is on PBS as we speak.
    I just caught this back to back to back series, part way in.

    (So much for sleep tonight... sigh...)

    On right now: TOBRUK

    FABULOUS. Probably the best TV documentary series I have seen on WW2.

    Someone please tell me who the re-enactors are. Absolutely FIRST CLASS.

    So good, you really have to wonder what is real and what is recreated.

    The interviews with survivors are amongst the best I have ever seen.

    World class television.

    I would really like to hear a LOT more about the 6__? and 621 unit counterintelligence units working for Rommel.
    That bit had my heart thumping. Damn good stuff.

    THE defining moment, before the US entered the war, that ensured they dominated the war zone with fully integrated communications, land, sea, air and artillery forces.

    Why the US Diplomatic Code, who continued to use it long after Churchill had pleaded with the US to change because Rommel had broken it, which was pretty much responsible for every Allied casualty until just before El Alamein.

    Man oh man am I ever impressed with this Series. When did it come out???

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