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Tragic destinies

Discussion in 'Colleville-Sur-Mer' started by Jim, Aug 21, 2010.

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    The Hoback brothers of the 29th Infantry Division were killed on the same day at Omaha. Their company, the first to land at dawn on D-Day was nearly wiped out in 10 minutes. As soon as he jumped ashore Bradford fell on the sand, killed instantly. His brother Raymond, gravely wounded succumbed shortly after. The rising tide carried his body away, leaving amid the horrors of "The Bloody Beach" a bible carefully enclosed in a plastic bag. It was retrieved the day after by a soldier. Raymond's name is inscribed on the wall of the Missing.


    Fathers and sons

    Near Saint-Lo on 30th July, Colonel Ollie's jeep was caught in machine-gun fire. He commanded the 115th Infantry Regiment of the 29th Division. At the beginning of the same month Lieutenant Ollie Jr died in the Italian Campaign. Both father and son were regular serving officers. Telegrams announcing their deaths were received by their wife and mother within a 45 minute interval.


    Brothers ...

    Joseph and Manuel Arruda were to have no decorations; they were ordinary soldiers The two brothers were in the same landing craft that disgorged its flood of men on Omaha Beach that morning of 6th June. Landing together, they died together after one put his foot on a mine.


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